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Continuity Planning

Various surveys and studies estimate that 25% to 40% of businesses do not re-open after a disaster. 

A business continuity plan can help make your organization more resilient and increase your odds of recovery.  A continuity plan identifies actions so that your organization can manage and survive a crisis.  Download our Business Continuity Planning Executive Summary below for more information.

DRCV has also created a business continuity planning guide and a fill-in-the-blank-style template to assist based on the review of numerous guides and lessons learned from our many workshops.  Download the DRCV Business Continuity Planning Guide & Template below.

Each organization is different.  As such, no single template will meet everyone organization's needs.  Your plan must meet YOUR needs.  Choose the template that best works for you or create your own hybrid.  Additional templates, checklists, and planning resources can be found at the following link:

The important thing is to get started! 

Preparing is not all or nothing.  One action = success!

Please note:  The DRCV Business Continuity Planning Guide & Template available below is version 2.1 completed in November 2014 and includes a number of great ideas were discussed during the 11/20/14 DRCV Fall Seminar.   A "fillable" PDF version of the template that you can save is now available to the public below.  DRCV members can request an editable Microsoft Word version. 

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