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These are a list of links which may also have been mentioned elsewhere on the website.  It serves as a handy collection for my own personal reference, and visitors may also find them useful for further information.

Governance Reforms in India

  • I am trying to collect related stuff on a blog interface here
  • -  Perhaps one of the first and largest movement of its kind focussed at governance reforms through electoral reforms. With activity beginning 1996 (perhaps earlier), the movement has now grown under the leadership of Dr Jayprakash Narayan, and also launched its political party in 2006.
  •  - Freedom Team of India, a movement to make and mentor political leaders in India, who will usher reforms and true 'freedom' of India. Founded by Sanjeev Sabhlok (ex IAS, social reformer, author) and others.
  •   (blog of Shantanu Bhagwat, ex IFS, Venture Capitalist). Checkout :  a list of new political parties and movements for reforms in India.
  • It came up as a student movement against 27% OBC reservation move by the Government in 2006. In those days, AIIMS in Delhi used to be the epicentre of the movement. It includes electoral reforms within its agenda. They also contested municipal elections.  
  •  Association for Democratic Reform : NGO founded by a group of IIM-Ahmedabad and NID Professors in 1999, with electoral reforms as one of its key focus areas.
  • ITforChange, a bangalore based NGO (apolitical) trying to influence eGovernace and related policy reforms -
  • Government of India's internal