Work & Entrepreneurship,  2002-2007 ... 2009 onwards

The word KritiKal is composed of two hindi words 'Kriti' meaning creation and 'Kal' meaning tomorrow. The group consists of two enterprises at present making innovative hi-tech 'creations for tomorrow'. KritiKal Solutions (founded August 2002) undertakes contract product design and development, and has expertise in computer imaging and embedded systems and electronics. KritiKal Securescan(founded August 2005) sells hi-tech security products including camera based vehicle underside scanners and vehicle license plate reading systems. It won NASSCOM Innovation Award 2008 for 'Market Facing Innovation - New Technology Advancement', along with Intel.

After co-founding KritiKal with friends and professors in 2002, I worked as its CEO till early 2007. During this period the company grew and became mature, moved out of IIT Delhi incubator to Noida, spinned off KritiKal Securescan as a subsidiary and received first round of funding from the Nucleus group. I took a two year sabbatical from KritiKal in 2007 to pursue policy/development studies. Back to KritiKal as Director - Planning and Strategy (starting Sep 09), I have been serving as the CEO again since August 2013. 

Checkout video-demos of some of KritiKal's products and services here and find KritiKal Securescan's coverage on CNBC Young Turks below.   

My wife Ashu (Chandhok Sekhon) is also an Entrepreneur since 2001 and has been running her Interior Designing firm. Checkout