Dina's Time Management - Life Management System

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A lovely, true and intriguing, humorous post...

Yet on a different, more pensive and introspective note.........I do beg to differ...


.......I do beg to differ.... Only on the aspect of time....or the so-called imagined lack of it... (Since i have a keen interest in Time Management)... The truth is that Time is *always* there - flowing just like a mighty unstoppable river flows. So what we actually lack is the awareness/realization/skill / intelligence / workable system to properly review and manage our Minds and our prioritization/ sustainable use of the subline asset Time, which is actually our life itself, ticking away.... My experience is that most if us have given up on trying to battle it, or have never even realized we need to or can try to gain a better degree of control over it.

Truly successful people have tried and found ways to make best use of their limited time.

Personally, using the ancient vedic psychological model of the human psyche as a backdrop, I think the Time Mgt System I have evolved can work for anyone, even the laziest most indisciplined person... Or it can work for the most jet-set go-getter dynamic type.....because it simply requires us to develop two simple skills and to carry with us and use this portable Planning System Without The Need To Forcibly Change Anything Else! (any needed changes would come automatically, sublimely and naturally, with this systrm.

The skills are 1) to carve out and set aside a daily 30 mins Planning Slot (at the same time daily) to just review the 6 sheets of the planning system.

The second habit is to train ourselves to, within 30 seconds of any task/idea/commitment/reminder coming to our minds, no matter if trivial or greatly important, to write it in the specially designed Inbox columns of the Planning System then put it away. That.s all! No need to change or do anything else. Any such needed changes will come naturally later....thru such repeated daily reviews. And fear of planning gradually reduces once all the long-pending tasks wheteher important or not are all collected and organized in thise Plannibg Sheets, so the nagging feeling of having forgotten something is almost wiped out. It is a very natural sublimebsystem and i think it can work for anyone! As the famous adage goes: "Nobody plans to fail; but most people fail to plan....and thereby they are actually planning to fail!"

In fact i had spent much of today discussing this Tine Mgt System of mine with two friends who recently started using it... Then when I saw this post...i felt inspired to write the above.... In fact i feel so inspired by the subject that i think i will now create a facebopk page or group so i can share this system with anyone who may be intrigued enough to experiment with it! I have a simpke web page where the system can be downloaded in pdf format [ www.tiny.cc/timemgtforms ]

I will try to create the facebook page then post the link here, just to share with anyone who might have become curious about my discoveries and insights from my many years of experimenting with and being beaten up by this mysterious thing called Time!! <toothless grin>

- Posted by Time - & Life - Management System by Dina A Das on Sunday, 23 August 2015