Downloads for Gītā Jayanti Mass Singing Event: Singalong Bhagavad Gītā (Video, Audio & Text)

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  • A) Video sample of Ch 2 (with sound) (i.e. text + audio synchronized)

  • B) Link to (silent) slideshow of Gītā Ślokas in Enlarged PDF Format

  • C) Link to Gītā Jayanti Supporting Letters

  • D) Video of NZ TV Interview (in English) on Gītā Jayanti & Perfect Sanskṛt Pronunciation

  • E) Photo coverage of the grand Gītā Jayanti 2004 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (organized by the Pure Life Society) at which our beloved Guru Mahārāj His Holiness Śrīpād Bhaktisvarūpa Dāmodara Swāmī Mahārāj was the Chief Guest.

  • F) Video Documentary (in 5 parts) of live singing of the Entire Bhagavad Gītā at the grand Gītā Jayanti 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, organized by the Divine Life Society

  • G) Video of Fabrizio Mastroianni's Girls Choir singing the Brahma Saṁhitā at the opening ceremony of the Bhaktivedānta Institute's Int'l Conference on 'Life & Its Origin' which was hosted by the Mayor of Rome

  • H) Links to download gita verses **TEXT** files in Book Format, Presentation Format & Slideshow Format

  • I) Links to download (or stream live through the internet) gita verses **AUDIO** files (MP3) of all Bhagavad Gītā Ślokas (Sanskrit Singalong) & translations (English)

  • J) Bhagavad Gītā Verses Sldeshow Format In Other Languages/Scripts: Tamil, Devanāgarī etc.

  • K) Bhagavad Gītā Verses in Karaoke Format with free KaraFun player/editor:

  • L) Files available for downloading from this page itself

Please scroll down to see the above-listed sections A to K :-


Some of the above downloads are also available from the Gītā Jayanti International website -

Download the Gītā Text in Tamil!

- in 4-lines-per-verse from

- and in 2-lines-per-verse with No'd Consonants from

Download the Gītā Text in Telugu in 4 lines from and

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By the mercy of Śrī Guru and Śrī Gaurāṅga,

Dīna-Anukampana Dās has been working on propagating

the mass singing of the Bhagavad Gītā since 1996.

It is a way of encouraging the masses

to actually pick up the holy book and start reciting or singing it daily.

In this connection he has published the book

"Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā Ślokas for daily recitation"

(Deluxe edition, 500 pages on art paper, stitch bound and 2-colour on every page)

or download it from here:

A) Sample of Gītā Ślokas Book, Chapter 2, (with sound)

in Dina's Simplified Romanized Sanskṛt (SRS) format:

Ch 2 Sing-along Bhagavad Gita-Simplified Romanized Sanskrit & simple tune from Dina-Anukampana Das on Vimeo.

(Shortcut URL: or on youtube)


Click Here For Dina's Sanskṛt Pronunciation Guide & Tips

B) View the Ślokas as a (silent) slideshow:

Download the Gita Slideshow Format files from:


(b) from the bottom of this very page - just scroll to the end.

or (c) from or from (courtesy of Iskcon Chowpatty)

Or view all the above Gītā Verses in Slideshow format

on either or

download them from -

(Please note - if you have difficulty downloading the slideshows from,

you can easily download them from the bottom of this page or from this website or from here. )

(Download the MP3 Audio recordings of the Gita at the bottom of this current page then you can easily sing along with the above slides)

C) Supporting Letters for Gītā Jayanti & Sanskřt Pronunciation Course from Guru Maharaj, His Divine Grace Śrīla Bhaktisvarūpa Dāmodara Swāmī Śrīpād Mahārāj and other Hindu Leaders & Sanskrit Professors - Please Click Here

Certificates from Scholars.pdf

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D) NZ Television Interview with Dīna-Anukampana Dās on

Gītā Jayanti & Simplified Romanized Sanskrit:

The above TV interview (in English) was made in Auckland, NZ in 2008.

In it, Dīna discusses Gītā Jayanti programs and his special methods for teaching

perfect Sanskṛt pronunciation to beginners (using phonetics and accelerated learning techniques)

(Direct web address for this video:

Sample Flyer with a description of the Perfect Sanskrit Pronuciation Course for beginners by Dīna-Anukampana Dās is available here.

'Why Learn Romanized Sanskrit' flyer - Please click here to view this flyer.

E) Śrīla Śrīpād Mahārāj was the Chief Guest at the Kuala Lumpur

Gītā Jayanti program in 2004

Srila Sripad Maharaj is seen here on-stage leading the singing of Chapter 16 of the Gita

Guru Maharaj danced and sang ecstatically in the midst of the audience

at the end of the program, thus making everyone jubilant!

Here is the Gītā Jayanti Kuala Lumpur 2005 Souvenir Magazine: please click

Documentary made by Divine Life Society on

Gītā Jayanti Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 2006:

F) Part 1 of 5 -

  • Introduction by President Swamiji of the Divine Life Society H.H. Swami Guhabhaktaanandaji Maharaj

  • Invocations

  • Gītā Dhyānam

GITA JAYANTI 2006 at Divine Life Society HQ, Batu Caves, Malaysia - Part 1 of 5

In the above video, the first few verses of the Brahma Samhita were sung at the opening, starting from 07:56 mins

Please advance to 19:00 mins to view the Invocations sung slowly (om ajnaana......)

and then advance to 34:50 mins to view the Gita Dhyanam (om paarthaaya pratibodhitaam.....)

Please see here HH Swami Guhabhaktanandaji Maharaj's strong supporting letter for promoting Gita Jayanti

Swamiji gives a summary of the event as its Organizing Chairman at the opening of the above video from 00:00 to 04:55 mins

Gītā Jayanti Kuala Lumpur 2006

F) Part 2 of 5:

  • Chapters 1-5

GITA JAYANTI 2006 at Divine Life Society HQ, Batu Caves, Malaysia - Part 2 of 5

(The above video is also on Youtube - Part 2 -

Gītā Jayanti Kuala Lumpur 2006

F) Part 3 of 5:

  • Chapters 6 - 11

from Shiyamalan on Vimeo.

GITA JAYANTI 2006 at Divine Life Society HQ, Batu Caves, Malaysia - Part 3 of 5

Gītā Jayanti Kuala Lumpur 2006

F) Part 4 of 5:

  • Chapters 12 - 16:

from Shiyamalan on Vimeo.

GITA JAYANTI 2006 at Divine Life Society HQ, Batu Caves, Malaysia - Part 4 of 5

Gītā Jayanti Kuala Lumpur 2006

F) Part 5 of 5:

  • Chapters 17 & 18

  • Gītā Māhātmyam (from Varāha Purāna)

from Shiyamalan on Vimeo.

GITA JAYANTI 2006 at Divine Life Society HQ, Batu Caves, Malaysia - Part 5 of 5

Simply lovely tabla playing by Uncle Moorthy and beautiful harmonium by Dr Radhakrishna!

(The above video is also on Youtube - Part 5 -

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G) The Brahma Samhita**, sung by Fabrizio Mastroianni's

girls' choir at Śrīla Śrīpād Mahārāj's Bhaktivedānta Institute's Conference

on "Life & Its Origin - Scientific and Religious Perspectives"

which was hosted by the Mayor of Rome at his classical Protomoteca Hall

ROMA, ITALY Nov. 12th, 2004

Dr Fabrizio Mastroianni, director of, like his father,

is an expert Gregorian Chanter and he established this wonderful choir of

young girls who live in the outskirts of Rome but who hail from families of

very different cultures and backgrounds, and he teaches them to sing and

chant ancient traditional religious chants from the various religions of the world.

He finds great joy in doing this.

Here the girls are seen singing at the opening ceremony of the above-mentioned

conference, and they literally stole the show! I had the fortune to help train them up

in singing and pronouncing the Sanskrit as best as they could, for the pleasure

of Śrīla Śrīpād Mahārāj.

On that day, due to unavoidable circumstances, the program started nearly an

hour late, and these girls, who had come by bus from the outskirts of Rome

were tired and hungry, yet they stood quiety for so long, and when finally they

sang, they simply stole everyone's heart.... Śrīla Śrīpād Mahārāj spontaneously

went up to them and everyone else followed and there ensued a spontaneous

photo taking session, no doubt further disrupting the already late program, but

nonetheless enlivening and charming everyone! This was envisioned by Srila

Sripad Maharaj, whose wonderful and gentle ways captured the hearts of all

who ever interacted with him! All glories to Śrīla Śrīpād Mahārāj Gurudev!

- dina

**The Brahma Samhita is the oldest prayer in the universe, composed and sung by Lord Brahma to Lord Krishna before he created the planets within this universe. Lost for centuries, it was 'found' in a wooden box by Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu 500 years ago, along with the great work of Śrī Bivamaṅgal Thākur Śrī Krishna-karnāmrita, in the sanctum sanctorum of the ancient Ādī Keśava temple of Trivandram district, Kerala.

Here is the text of the Brahma Samhita - all verses in Simplified Romanized Format compressed into 2 pages for easy printing:

Here is the text of the Brahma Samhita in large format with translations, extracted from the book Bhagavad Gītā Ślokas For Daily Recitation:

Brahma Samhita resources -

H) Download Gītā Text:

  • Soft copy (PDF, 11.2 MB) of Dīnā's Gītā Ślokas For Daily Recitation in PRESENTATION FORMAT verses only ('Presentation format' means that all spaces at the botttom and top of each page of teh book have been cropped off for better auto-scrolling during mass chanting events. (Auto-scrolling is easliy activated for any PDF document by typing the keyboard command CTRL+SHIFT+H) Download it from the bottom of this page (please click).

  • Gīta Jayanti Enthusiasts - Great News!! Now available by popular demand: All Chapters 1 - 18 in Enlarged SLIDESHOW FORMAT - one śloka per screen - very suitable for using on an LCD projector during Gītā Jayanti Mass Singing events. Download all 18 chapters from

  • Now you can get a soft copy (PDF) of Dina's Gita Slokas Book (in BOOK FORMAT, PDF File Gita verses with English translations) Click here to download it from Iskcon Desire Tree website) or download it directly from this shortcut:

I) Download Gītā Verses Audio (MP3) ***Sanskrit*** from these links :-

  • For Downloading MP3 Invocations/Vandana (Maṅgalācarana "oṁ ajñāna...") + Gītā Dhyānam + Chapters 1-6, please scroll down to the bottom of this very page.

  • For Downloading Bhagavad Gītā Chpters 7 - 16 please go to this page (click here)

  • For Downloading Bhagavad Gītā Chpters 17-18 and the Varaha Purāna's Gita Mahatmyam please go to this page (click here)

  • Or if you have a good Internet connection, you can stream all the above recordings directly through the internet from Iskcon Desire by clicking here. (What is "streaming"? What happens when you click the link is this: A tiny file called an ".m3u Playlist"' is downloaded to your computer. Double click this file - it will open your default music player with all the above Gītā Singalong sound tracks in a playlist. It will then play all the tracks in sequence. If you wish, you may skip forward to the next track.)

      • This is the correct sequence in which to play the files (same sequence as in the Gītā Ślokas Book) :-

      • 1st will be the Invocations/Vandana (maṅgalācarana - "om ajñāna...")

      • 2nd will be the Gītā Dhyānam ("oṁ pārthāya pratibodhitām...."),

      • 3rd onwards will be all the 18 Chapters of the Bhagavad Gītā in sequence, sung bhajan style, and

      • lastly will be the Gītā Māhātmyam (Varāha Purāna version).

  • Or, you may click here and then click on 'Bhagavad Gita' to play it within your browser (if you have good internet connection);

  • Or right click each link below and 'save target/link as' to download & save the mp3 files onto your computer:

FREE Download of all 18 chapters of the Gītā

in MP3 Audio MP3 (Sanskṛt & English Translations)

Also downloadable from 'iskcondesiretree site' via

Click to play the tracks online

or right-click to download them:

Gita read out in Sanskrit (Click on 'Bhagavad Gita')

¤ Invocations ¤ Gita Dhyanam ¤ Chapter 1 pt 1

¤ Chapter 1 pt 2 ¤ Chapter 2 pt 1 ¤ Chapter 2 pt 2

¤ Chapter 3 ¤ Chapter 4 pt 1 ¤ Chapter 4 pt 2

¤ Chapter 5 ¤ Chapter 6 pt 1 ¤ Chapter 6 pt 2

¤ Chapter 7 ¤ Chapter 8 ¤ Chapter 9

¤ Chapter 10 ¤ Chapter 11 pt 1 ¤ Chapter 11 pt 2

¤ Chapter 12 ¤ Chapter 13 ¤ Chapter 14

¤ Chapter 15 ¤ Chapter 16 ¤ Chapter 17

¤ Chapter 18 pt 1 ¤ Chapter 18 pt 2 ¤ Gita Mahatmyam

Download Gītā Audio (MP3) ***English (Translations)*** :

To download the English reading of Śrīla Prabhupāda's Bhagavad Gītā As It Is translations,

please go to

Visit Gītā Jayanti International

J) Bhagavad Gītā Ślokas In Other Languages:

(This screen-shot displays the fonts incorrectly in grey - when you download the PDF version from here it will display correctly in black)

K) Bhagavad Gītā Verses in Karaoke Format with free KaraFun player/editor: or



Read more about this great new development here:

By the mercy of Śrīla Gurudev and with

the blessings and help of devotees of our Lord, on the auspicious day of Gita Jayanti 2011,

we completed and uploaded all 18 chapters of the Gita in Karaoke format.

Please download from here:

First 6 chapters from

Middle 6 chapters from

Lasst 6 chapters from

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L) Files for Downloading:

(To download, just Right-Click the file then click 'Save Link/Target As')