Twitter could be one of the most valuable learning tools you can use to link with, share and your class and your learning with others.
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. 

Very importantly you need to add a photo to your profile- and a sentence about yourself saying what you are interested in and preferably a wiki, blog, podcast or online web space to share what you are interested in. Write a couple of practice tweets and then start following people. Engage in conversation, reflect on links and add some of your own.

DK gives us a five step video guide to Learning at School Twitter newbies.

Below are some of the people that I follow who can help guide you on Twitter and who tweet interesting links. These people are part of my PLN.

Sue Waters has written this useful guide to beginning with Twitter. 

Remember what you tweet reflects on you as a person and your role as a professional teacher. You are doing this to learn with other teachers. 

Twitter can be better still if you combine it with a mobile device like a smart phone or an iPad. On my iPhone/iPad I  use the Twitter app or Echofon to tweet from my phone. 

For Android people like Seesmic or Tweetcaster.

If I have missed you on the list I am very sorry- it is my oversight and not my intention to leave anyone out.

Kiwi educational types who are active tweeters- 

Here is a more comprehensive list on this Google Doc.

 Kiwis who Tweet and Blog
 Allanah King  @allanahk  Blended eLearning Facilitator, LwDT, ADE. CORE, iPad & Google Trainer Nelson
Charles Newton@CNCLtdCLA person, consultant, Nelson
 Barbara Reid  @barbs1  Blended eLearning  Facilitator, LwDT, iPad & Google Trainer, Hamilton
 Ray Burkhill @tranmerekiwi Blended eLearning Facilitator, CLA, Christchurch 
 Andrew Churches  @achurches  Secondary Teacher, ADE 
 Myles Webb  @nzwaikato  Primary Teacher - Taranaki  
 Michael Fawcett  @teachernz  Primary Teacher- Hamilton
 Karen Melhuish-Spencer  @virtuallykaren  CORE person- researcher, Wellington
 Fiona Grant  @fionagrant  Ed Leader- Manaiakalani, Auckland
 Jo Fothergill  @dragonsinger57  Primary Teacher- Paraparaumu
 Paula Jamieson  @paulajamieson  iPads, ADE, Tauranga  
 David Kinane  @dakinane Consultant
 Mark Osborne @mosborne1 CORE Consultant, Auckland
 Gerard McManus  @gmacmanus  Secondary Teacher- Auckland  
Stephen Lethbridge @stephen_tpkPrimary Principal- Taupaki
 Pauline Henderson  @paulinehendog  CORE LwDT, Christchurch  
 Marama Stewart  @marama  Principal
 Judy McKenzie  @judykmck  Primary Teacher, West Coast  
 Mark Buckland @mjbuckland Primary Teacher 
 Derek Wenmoth  @dwenmoth  CORE consultant
 Claire Buist  @MsbeeNZ  Primary Teacher, 2013 eFellow
 Anne Kenneally  @annekenn  BeL Facilitator, CORE
 Rachel Boyd  @rachelboyd  Principal
 Dorothy Burt  @dorothyjburt  Ed Leader- Manaiakalani
 Amanda Signal  @heymilly  Primary Teacher, Auckland
 Tara T-J  @taratj  Primary Teacher, Google, Paraparaumu
 Jamin Lietze  @jaminlietze  Principal, Invercargill
 Stephanie Thompson  @traintheteacher  Primary Teacher- Singapore
 Jacqui Sharp  @sharpjacqui  ICT Facilitator
 Dave Winter  @davein2it  Ed Leader- Manaiakalani
 Enabling eLearning @enablingelearning MoE Hub 
 JJ Purton Jones JJ Purton Jones Teacher- Augmented Reality superstar- overseas
 Paula Hogg @diana_prince_wwBoT Chairperson- Taupaki 
 Gemma Stewart @gemstew83 LwDT CORE Facilitator, Te Reo Māori Facilitator 

Overseas people of note who tweet

 Wes Fryer  @wfryer  Ed Leader, USA
 Sylvia Tolisino  @langwitches  Consultant, USA
 Kevin Cummins  @edgalaxy_com  Teacher, Australia
 Chris Betcher  @chrisbetcher  Google Person, AUstralia
 Ewan McIntosh  @ewanmcintosh  Consultant, Scotland
 Tom Barrett  @tombarrett  Consultant, England
 Lisa Parisi  @lparisi  Elementary Teacher, USA
 Brian Crosby  @bcrosby ICT LEeder, USA
 Deon Scanlon  @deonscanlon  Teacher- iPads, Australia  
 Tony Ryan  @aussietony  Ed Leader, Australia
 Steve Wheeler  @timbuckteeth  Ed Leader, England
 Joe Dale  @joedale  Consultant- podcasting
 Dean Shareski  @shareski  Tertiary Tutor
 Alec Couros  @courosa  Tertiary Tutor
 George Couros  @gcouros  Principal

Other interesting Twitter Accounts

 Geonet @geonet Tweets earthquakes
 Grabaseat @grabaseat Tweets Cheap Airfares

Here are a couple of my Twitter lists that you may like to find useful