Frequently Asked Questions
A: Nope. I'd suggest re-installing the mod and reverting to a save prior to your change.

A: I 'could' add such a feature, but I am not going to as I feel that detracts from the intent of the mod, the current beacon summon feature is intended only as a safety measure at this time and will be removed if conditions are able to be stabilized enough within the engine to keep it from being needed.

A: You likely attempted to travel away from the ship while in flight mode. Traveling away from the ship while in flight mode via fast travel, teleport or any number of mod added methods will break the scripts and potentially crash the game. Do not travel away from the ship while in flight mode, always stop it before utilizing another form of travel.

A: If your frames per second (FPS) is below the requirement, this error will likely remain until you have resolved it. Otherwise, you probably are running either too many active scripts, or scripts which edit or effect objects in the world without verifying local loaded cells (eg. Birds of Skyrim). Please use the conflict isolation procedures to identify the mod(s) causing this and inform their author(s). I will not take any steps to resolve this kind of conflict, as it is not related to this mod.

A: No, the other mod is not incompatible. You just attempted to leave Solitude by using tcl to cut through the city wall behind the Blue Palace. This doesn't work because cities are inside of isolated worldspaces, and only connect to the greater Skyrim worldspace through the proper exits. (Obviously this is not true if you have Open Cities installed, but if you did you wouldn't be asking this question.)

A: The Full Cabin interior is built in an exterior cell, and is cast completely in shadows. This means that anyone using an ENB who has their shadow settings set very darkly will have this issue. Go ahead and flip off the ENB temporarily while you're in the ship, you'll discover that there is, in fact, light. If you cannot see, our best suggestion is to fix your shadow settings, or if you don't want to change them, just flip the ENB off while you're inside the ship. Some ENB's do replace imagespaces entirely, so this is not an issue I can resolve for you.

A: This issue is a result of not having Sticky Keys disabled. In normal Windows functionality, pressing the Shift key five times in rapid succession, or holding it down long enough, turns on the Windows Accessibility option for Sticky Keys, and when using the Shift key in game to change the ship altitude, this accessibility tool will force-minimize Skyrim. If you do not need this function for your usual computer use, you can disable it by navigating to the Ease of Access Center in your Control Panel. Chose Make the keyboard easier to use or Change how Your Keyboard Works (wording dependent on which version of Windows you are using). Then untick the checkbox next to Turn on Sticky Keys. If you do use Sticky Keys, then we suggest you navigate to the Dev Aveza MCM menu in game and change the key to increase altitude from Shift to something else. Even if you turn this option off, it is possible for Windows to turn it back on when certain updates are made. If the issue returns after a Windows update, repeat the above steps to disable Sticky Keys again.

A: BOSS is giving an erroneous report. Ignore it. The former Dragonborn plugin was a feature module, not a compatibility patch, and was never required for the Dev Aveza to work with Dragonborn. It has been made obsolete by the Travel Beacon System.

A: The Dev Aveza includes a force reset. After updating the ship, open the MCM menu and close it. After about 20 seconds (variable on your personal modding) a message should appear alerting you to a new menu being added to MCM. The Dev Aveza MCM menu should be accessible at that time. In general, when doing a "clean save" update of any mod using the MCM system (please refer to Updating), you should open and close the MCM menu system twice while the MCM mod is uninstalled to clear it from the MCM registry.

A: This happens when the game has somehow saved the ship in flight mode, and therefore loaded the ship as in flight when you load your game. To fix this issue, open the MCM menu and tick the box "Reset" on the main configuration page.

A: In order to change these options, you must be in an exterior cell and in sight of the ship. They may even be changed while standing on the deck so long the game meets the mod's running requirements.

A: As of version 1.8, travel to any large worldspace is handled by the Airship Travel Beacon system. By default, both Falskaar and Wyrmstooth have entries on the map besides Skyrim and Solstheim. This system doesn't require any extra .esp's nor has any dependencies, making it compatible with all game configurations.

A: While the mods are not incompatible in the strictest sense, the Player Physics mod is not currently set up to handle moving platforms. Therefore, having both mods installed will cause unexpected behavior during flight with the Moveable on Deck mode. If you wish to use both mods, we suggest using the Attached to Ship flight mode for best results.

A: No, I won't.

A: Not at this time though I may add more camera positions in the future depending on how much the engine can handle safely.

A: Nothing, the updates often include changes in the Creation Kit which require a clean save or preferably a new game. Please test with a new game prior to reporting any issues.

A: Please make sure your NumLock is on! If it isn't, the default Handbrake key will not function.

A: The activator to the plank is on one of the bolts near where the plank appears, on the port side of the ship, near the bow. (When facing the front of the ship, that's the front left.) The rope ladder is across the front of the ship from the plank, on the starboard side (that's the right when facing the front of the ship). The hatch can be found on the port side of the ship as well, behind the wing mast.

A: This mod is fully self-contained or only references vanilla Skyrim. It is fully compatible and tested with the Dwemer Skyship, and should be compatible with any other mod as well.

A: No, they are supposed to be tight, it's a ship.

A: Version 1.5 of the ship has been moved to the cliffs of Solitude! This will be it's home while I continue development, though I would still like to eventually add a quest to get the ship.

A: This location may look like it should be attached to the world, but it is not. It has it's own worldspace, and can only be accessed through its cave near Stendarr's Beacon.

A: If you downloaded the most recent version, but it's still listing as the previous version, you can update the information in Nexus Mod Manager with the Info button, either manually changing the version number or by clicking on the version number in the left hand column. (The internal FOMod info is usually identical to this information.)

A: No, I cannot. First off, the trigger script for a chair or other activation item can't be moved with the ship. Secondly, the chair, and likely your character, would get flung from the deck of the ship at an incredibly high speed once flight began if it was up there in the first place. This would be a Very Bad Thing, though utterly hilarious to my wife and myself.

A: A gangplank has been added with version 1.3, and the rope ladder has been added with version 1.5.3

A: SkyUI has implemented a Mod Configuration Menu which I have been using with this mod to handle this request. As of version 1.6, the original book has been removed entirely to be succeeded by the MCM interface.

A: This is not actually an issue from this mod, but it might have agitated a pre-existing issue. If you received an error about C++ Libraries failing, this is a Windows issue, which may be lessened by updating your video drivers and making sure your C++ runtime is up to date. As with any swift movement in Skyrim, the rendering of the terrain as you move can cause problems at that speed on lower performing computers. There is a possibility that lowering your graphic settings may help with this but no guarantee there. Installing this mod to a new save game will ensure the best performance possible. The new power and mass controls may also be used to limit this problem.

A: While SKSE now supports configurations on controllers, assuming your SKSE Papyrus scripts are properly installed, I do not use controllers, nor will I offer any support or help for problems such a setup may cause.

A: Any digital software has a potential for being corrupted during download. If you've tried everything else, after reading all documentation for all involved programs and software, try deleting the files and re-downloading them. Then try loading them in a new game.
If you need help stabilizing your game beyond the scope of support for a single mod like this one, I would suggest watching these videos by Gopher, visiting the STEP forums, or reviewing the Skyrim Project Stability page.

A: Thank you for the kind thought. If you'd like to support this mod and what I do, feel free to give your donation to Nexus Mods either through the purchase of a subscription or by Paypal donation. Subscriptions to Nexus can be purchased from the subscription page, and donations can be offered through your preferences. Donating to the Nexus supports not just my mod, but all mods hosted there and a safe modding community for everyone.