I am assistant professor of Computational Linguistics at Utrecht University, currently in détachement from my researcher position at CNRS (the National Center of Scientific Research). After receiving a PhD in Linguistics from the University of California Los Angeles, I worked at the University of Trento in Marco Baroni's group.

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Research interests

My work in semantics employs both formal and computational methods. My core interests are in semantic compositionality at the lexical level: how meanings of words interact to derive the meanings of phrases and sentences. Specific research topic include: 
  • mathematical and cognitive aspects of distributional semantics
  • (lexical) semantic typology
  • integrating formal and distributional models of semantics
  • quantification
Publications: 2020
  • Timothee Mickus, Denis Paperno, Mathieu Constant, and Kees van Deemter. What do you mean, BERT? Assessing BERT as a Distributional Semantics Model. Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics: Vol. 3 , Article 34.
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