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Poverty Traps, and Mobility Measurement

  • Do Poverty Traps Exist? Assessing the Evidence (with Aart Kraay), Journal of Economic Perspectives 28(3): 127-48, 2014.
  • Using Repeated Cross-Sections to Explore Movements into and out of Poverty (with Hai-Anh Dang, Peter Lanjouw and Jill Luoto), Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming.
  • Poverty Traps and Nonlinear Income Dynamics with Measurement Error and Individual Heterogeneity , with F. Antman, Journal of Development Studies, 43(6): 1057-1083 (August 2007).
  • Earnings Mobility and Measurement Error: A Pseudo-Panel Approach , with F. Antman,Economic Development and Cultural Change, 56(1): 125-162 (2007).
  • Do Entry Costs Provide an Empirical Basis for Poverty Traps? Evidence from Mexican Microenterprises, with C. Woodruff, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 55(1): 3-42 (2006).
  • Review of "Poverty Traps" by S. Bowles, S. Durlauf and K. Hoff (eds.), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 55(4): 845-848 (July 2007).

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