Kickoff meeting Thursday 3/14/19 at 6pm in Tech L221.
Every spring McC students compete for glory and prizes, running their robots against competitors and a challenging track. 
This year's competition will be on  Saturday May 11, 2019.  The competition starts at noon, and usually runs about 3 hours.  It's held at the Ford Engineering Design Center, 2133 Sheridan Rd, Evanston. (map)

Teams of students design, build, and program their robots to operate autonomously. Often teams are cross-departmental, and students of all years work together, learning from one another.  There is a lot of support provided, so no one should be reluctant to participate for lack of technical expertise.   And you can be sure you will gain a lot more in the process.  Course credit is available if desired.

DC is run by its participants and other interested students.  You can be both a participant and an organizer.   In the spirit of transparency you can keep informed and contribute to planning, deliberations and discussion of rules, etc.   

Announcements of workshops, deadlines, etc are made on the DC email group.  To  join the email group, send a blank email to design-competition-2019+subscribe@googlegroups.com and then click the confirmation link in the email that arrives shortly.    If you subscribe with a gmail address you can edit your email preferences (e.g. one email/day max, etc).  Archives of the group will be available to you on the group page, after you subscribe.