I finally typed my two manuscripts, Summer '04.
1. Disenchanted Summer (2002-2003)
2. The Season Of The Crow (ten years old)
It's been a long journey, with these pieces of work, but I hope it all comes into place


First published collection 'The Season Of The Crow' 
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Second collection 'Disenchanted Summer'
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poetry pages

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Planet Zero
Imaginary world- all begins from the shuttered room near the sea...
The Running Girls
Running free across plains
Snoopy Lou
My one true love
Valentines' Rest
Romantic hideaway beach
Crows' Hill
The place of dreams, where I'll someday rest
The Neighbourhood Waltz
Music of the soul... 

The Running Girls,

 taking my eye through Planet Zero. The shuttered hours, whispering like the lemon grass.

 Brandy-soaked, these lost illusions, these twentysomething heartbreak years,

shamed my past life. 

 The light appears...



Sweet Smile Shine
Let you sweet smile shine, over me
Can't keep my promises
Can't keep my silence
Can't keep my emptiness
Spinning out of control.
In the rosary mornings
These uncontrolled streets bring me home

I'm recalling how we met
In North-East nightscenes
 & tomorrows a far cry away
 from this cold place
I don't believe I've more
 disarray to face
 'Sweet Smile Shine' was written in 2003 & was originally planned for the 'Dreams Like Fire' demo. I never finished it, though I still retain the hook - again, like most of my stuff around then, it was for my ex. Looking at this now, it's very final - I was feeling low when writing it. I missed my family etc. Without sounding depressing, I guess I was a bit down. This lyric haunts me, as simple as it is. I found it again whilst living in Sheffield - there's even a reference to 'rosary'! (as in rosary ep).


Jocelyn, How Deep Is the Road ?
So here I am
 a liar on the mountain, surrounded by fools.
Well here she be, Jocelyn
 the tranquil translucent creature from memory-
 did I tell her in the mall?
My feelings were once fallen & tired, like the chair I ponder upon.
We could take a crazy beer ride
 over to the city, &
 reach for the neon,
Growl like the lions, they walk with a swagger baby...
Teach me all there is to know
 & maybe time shall help us grow.
Jocelyn, deep is the road,
Just how deep am I?
The questions in my head, the lovers in my bed, the rockets in the sky - is this a Southern lullaby?
I walked amongst the flowers back in 2002,
 the graveyard sung in sweeter tones- the dead
They lay like smoking pillars, industry eyes
 on our world.
Maybe Snoopy Lou won't love me,
 complex I may seem to be
When all I need is her to understand me.
Forgive me now- the sulking trees are miserable
 without your cheeky smile- oh why oh why oh why
Does the night light cry for alcohol friends?
Why oh why oh why is silence
 passed away, like a breeze across my face.


Alcohol Movements
Too tired to move around, to curse
 the fall & retract into pain.
These movements aside of me have no
For reasons I ponder the sky I'd aflame
With the courteous bowing of incestuous angels.
 Religion is wasted on streets with no name,
 Whatever the reasons the fields are insane.
Tepid, & fallen like a corn sheaf in a silent manoeuvre.
I've risen once again-
A phoenix from her ashes,
A liar who won't blame.
So, it's a life I enjoy
 as I talk with the birds
As I shuffle these words
And disregard fame.
Alcohol movements, o'
Beer & its grain.

Whispers & Talk
Sudden, train rolled & wine tasted, over to the sea
I crawl.
Centuries age
 & history's repeating
 over & over
 the silence of neon rooms.
It's a chance I take,
 to reverse my fate & hold onto the past again,
Your face hits me over
 & over in a wasp curtained room.
I dreamt this years ago,
 some real alienation, some broken reflection
 of a guy on the street
But I guess that we're finished,
 & all that we had
 is now
Whispers & talk-
The gossip may stalk.
Take me back
 to your field of transgression, it's
 a blessing I found you again
Last year-
But mistakes, they will happen
The rivers are barren
The mountains between us are
 green yet revered.
I'm writing this
 on a tortured chair,
 but there's no despair
 in here
I can't tap into pain
Just to sing some refrain
About you
 & the cause
 & the loss from
Whispers & talk, like on still lighted avenues,
Whispers, I walk where the black crows see virtues
I'm here if you ever need
 some secrecy...
I'm here if you ever need to


My Heart Wasn't Right
I think back to my yesterdays
Coffee stained & wire tight
I look back to the light
My heart wasn't right
All the water homes
 & the rain she knows.
 oh, don't wait for me again


Tortured Lights
Your name is my password
At the video store
You drive the very core
 of me
 & at the end of  the evening
I awake
 oh, these tortured lights- oh I can feel these...
Reminds me when a morning girl
 lay next to me
In the summer rain I can hear you laughing
In these darkened halls I remember you crying
I lost you long ago
Didn't I
 these lonely days don't get any better
I'm used to sleeping alone
The neon streets
 they hold nothing for me
 just a town filled with
BAR FRIENDS & broken infidels
Take me back to the golden fields
 the calming waters of home.
  you know
Birds & dreams don't fly around here...
Dreams & words, they die around here. 


Were You the Girl I Wanted
In dreams, they come
 the vampires go
The nightmare of a wounded love
 are you still broken.
I walked the streets last night
 searching for you honey
But it makes no sense to look
  when you are gone.
If you one day decide to turn back
 the minutes
 & return,
I'll leave this late night burn.
I see a face I used to know
Across the crowded bar floor
But it's not you, honey
 it makes no sense.
You're miles away.
Were you the girl I wanted
Were you the girl I wanted
I think so.
 roseires dam
when your shadow falls over me
You'll treat me to a Private Show
Steel outlines of the country
Roll past
Its an everlasting curse
Summer & its glory
Moved over the hills
Snoopy Lou's giving up the translucent pills
& I'm making the changes.
Slide shows, these train line reflections
Stood still
My hands on my hips
the westernized sky
 lost its flames for a while
The T.V. babies all drowned in the flood.

The Savageness of Mermaids
 I'd dream of the sea. The
Wood balming smell, my father
 used to wear Old Spice.
The savageness of mermaids, claw lined
 to the ocean depths; anger of the calm.
 I came here to find myself, to
beat the death wish & find the girl.
 I'm content to wait in the
 uneveness of summer.
 I long to return home, free.
 I'd dream of the sea.
 I'm afraid of settling down.
The stars in my head won't disappear.
It's at this place I know who my friends
 are. Playing my music always leads
 me back to the road, constantly
 suspect of homes near the sea.
It's fresh.
Memory serves me well, in her
 nostalgic weeping. I've no regrets,
 only pain. She looked at me as
 a thief of love, I stole her beauty.
Feared her words.
10 months & celibacy
 is no more a rarer thing.
I shall hang on. She must be
 out there somewhere.
Dancing in the cavern.

(c) Mark Daynes