Marlborough Road to be recorded 2021.
Clares' Rain - the lockdown sessions recorded 2020.


Clares' Rain - the lockdown sessions
 Completed from Sheffield 2006 - I split with ex for a second time, & I took a two year music haitus. 'Fire Cuts Through Water' (written in Portsmouth), 'East Avenue' & 'Prelude' were the first three tracks considered for the EP.



13 Seasons
Intro - Last Year
Crows' Hill
A Lover Like You
The Return of Snoopy Lou
Vitamin (she's my)
Girl Of Light
She Talks To Clowns
Only Time Will Tell
The Beautiful Secrecy Of Air
My Heart Wasn't Right
Fire Will Burn
Outro - High Chairs
 + April
 Released 2006, recorded 2005 / '06 using Acer laptop / Cool Edit Pro software.
 Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes.



dreams like fire
1.Dress Rehearsal  2.Sun Sky  3.Where You Live  4.Snow In The Park
 I wrote the 'Dress Rehearsal' riff sometime in 1999, Grimsby.
 Songs 2, 3 & 4 were written whilst studying at South Downs college.
 I dedicated this recording to Clare.
 Released / recorded 2003 (1 & 2 in the studio & 3 & 4 with CuBase / Reason via PC).
 Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes.


rosary ep
1.The Streets Where We Died  2.Miracles  3.Overused  4.Tend  5.Remembrance Day
 Someone at South Downs college said he thought this was over produced - & done in a studio! Not bad considering I recorded this with my second hand guitar (with 5 strings, no top E), harmonica & a drum machine I borrowed from Johnny Love (bass played via bottom E guitar string!)
 I didn't know how to use the digital 8-Track (Curl bought it), or drum machine at first so I learnt recording technique from scratch, & completed this recording in about a month. God bless the written manual!
 This demo, I feel, has a lot of edge.
 Released / recorded 2002 (via digital 8-track & drum machine).
 Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes (in my old home - Flat 4, Queens Parade, Grimsby).
- muchos thanks to John Love for your great help mastering it, adding a cello to track 5, & vocal reverb effects on track 1.


Man vs Machine  2004  
(Diamond Records, South Downs College)
1.Dress Rehearsal
2.Wake Up (+ dance remix): co-written


 Several copies of 'Rosary ep' sold,
around 2002 @

Replay Records,
Haven Mill,
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