About Us


RSA offers many different opportunities for members to socialize and support one another.  Here is a list of the interesting and engaging activities RSA has to offer!


Book Club: Our book club meets for a monthly meeting to discuss a selected book. These are books of all genres. We eat food, drink wine, and laugh a lot!


Helping Hands: This is our resource that helps support RSA members who are in need.  Helping Hands coordinates meal delivery to members who have had a new baby, been hospitalized, experienced a death in the family, or are going through various emergencies that require support!  This is one of the shining stars of RSA and truly a blessed gift to members in need!


The Social Adult: Movie Night/Happy Hours/ House Parties/ Adult Night Out -  Even though residency is a busy and turbulent time of life, RSAers need to cut loose and have fun together!  We are an instant social network of people who enjoy getting out on the town, laughing together, and generating camaraderie!


Holiday Activities:  Since a resident's schedule makes traveling to see family for the holidays so difficult, each holiday is a good excuse to get people together, enjoy good food, and good friends.  Thanksgiving is a big bash of food complete with a turkey, cranberry sauce homemade by various members, and much more.  Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, and Easter top the list as all member events where families with and without children come together to celebrate.


Playgroups: Weekly playgroups are held at various members homes, and fun places for children around Sacramento.  Special holiday themed playgroups are also organized. For more information check out our Child’s World page and/or www.bigtent.com.  

    Please contact us for more information regarding any of the above activities.  Additionally, we are always open to suggestions so feel free to share your ideas and suggest new events!


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