Wednesday Meditation

On-site meditation is on hiatus.

For more information on meditation or supporting your practice, please contact us directly.

May all beings be free from inner & outer harm.

Who & What

We welcome experienced practitioners and beginners.

We are a local Buddhist meditation and study group that has been meeting regularly in Davis since 1994.

Generally, we follow a Theravadan practice but all are welcome and will find a comfortable environment for following their Buddhist practice.

Our group does not have a regular teacher; we learn & practice as a community.

If you have not meditated with us before, please come a few minutes early on Wednesday evening. If you would like meditation instruction, please let us know in advance.

When & Where

Currently on hiatus.

Wednesday evenings, 7:00 to 8:30 — Meditation & Discussion

Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis located at 27074 Patwin Road, Davis, California

Usually in the main hall; please check the Announcements page for location changes or cancellations.

What do we do?

We begin with a brief ceremony & meditation.

After meditation, we take a short break for tea and conversation.

After tea, we have discuss the Dharma and Buddhist practice in our daily lives.

(See What to expect for more details.)


Meditation instruction is available upon request on Wednesday evenings.

Meditation instruction is also available through the following links:

Thanisarro Bhikkhu's written meditation instructions and audio. Thanisarro Bhikkhu is a well-respected American abbot of a Thai Forest Monastery in southern California.

Doug Kraft's instructions on 6R meditation: video, audio and .pdf booklet. Doug Kraft is a meditation and Dharma teacher with Easing Awake in Sacramento.

We host a few guest teachers visit each year by invitation.

Stay in Touch

If you are a local meditator, you are welcome to join our Yahoo email list.

Please note that if you do not have a Yahoo account, you will first be taken through the steps to create one.

After creating a Yahoo account, you will then need to return to the group page to join the group.

At that point you will have the opportunity to choose the email address you would like to use as a group member. An excellent opportunity for practicing patience!