Welcome to DIG's
Virtual Wednesday Sangha

We support one another in our practice as we put Buddhist principles to use in our lives

Email us at DavisMeditation(at)gmailcom
for more information or to receive the Dharma Discussion & Meditation Zoom link

May all beings be free from inner & outer harm

A Peer-led Group

The purpose of this Buddhist meditation and study group is to support each other in our practice as we put Buddhist principles to use in our lives.

We welcome experienced practitioners & beginners.

As a peer-led group in Davis since 1994, we learn & practice as a community, without an established leader.

Although we generally follow a Theravadan practice all are welcome and will find a comfortable environment for following their Buddhist practice.

Meditation & Discussion

We meet via Zoom
each Wednesday evening

7:00 to 7:30
Meditation as a group (optional)

Please stay muted when you enter
the Zoom Meditation Hall

7:30 to 8:15
Dharma Discussion

Peer-led discussion of  the Dharma and Buddhist practice in our daily lives, beginning with a reading of the Metta Sutta

Dharma teachings and meditation instructions are widely available on-line. 

Our group is pleased to offer some suggestions here.

Stay in Touch

Sangha members use a Google group to keep in touch. You're welcome to join us there!

Communication topics include upcoming Wednesday night discussion topics,
announcements of events, and sharing teachings and personal insights.