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What little David has accomplished below is because of his Master’s grace, tolerance, and love for him throughout the years. 


David has a Mo business license (#2004031224) and has been working with clients since his professional registration (#2002030965) and national accreditation (#399776-00).  His passion is Medical Massage, but also performs Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Older Adult Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Prenatal and Chair Massage.  He’s CPR certified and an Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional member (#763139) graduating from the Massage Therapy Training Institute in Kansas City, Mo in August 2004.   He's been certified in Medical Massage since May 12, 2019.


Past and present clients include:  Marine Corp and other military personnel; Law enforcement; retired professional male and female football players; professional and amateur rodeo bull/horse riders; numerous middle and high school student athletes; lawyers; chiropractors; firefighters; nurses; ironworkers; carpenters and other construction personnel; business CEOs; retired personnel; homemakers; bank personnel; several area city hall and other county employees; self-employed personnel; government agency employees; etc.  David is available for chair massage at events such as:  Tupperware and other sales parties, birthday parties, wedding/showers, and other small to large gatherings.  He also does chair massage for several churches and church functions/activities.


From 1984 thru 1994 David served as the State of Missouri certified non-lawyer Cass County Associate Circuit Judge for the City of Pleasant Hill.  He was elected to that position by the citizens of Pleasant Hill and was re-elected and served in that capacity for over 10 years.  He was an active member of the Missouri Judges Association during that period.


David worked for the Pleasant Hill Police Department, Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Cass County Magistrate Court, and the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office for over thirteen years before going to work at the Bendix (now Honeywell) Corporation in 1982 as a Security Inspector.  He served as a Honeywell/Department of Energy SWAT Team member & Hostage Negotiator.  David was later promoted to the position of Security Specialist until he retired in January, 2007.  During most of those years he was in charge and responsible for the accountability of over 2 million classified parts and other materials that built nuclear weapons for the Department of Energy.  He also was the main developer and yearly presenter of security education for the approximately 8300 personnel working for the Kansas City Divisions of the Honeywell Corporation and Department of Energy. 


David has received the Missouri Kiwanis Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award and several Certificates of Merit, Appreciation, and Recognition from the Missouri State Association of Counties, Lambda Upsilon Sorority, Federal Drug Awareness Network, AlliedSignal (originally Bendix now Honeywell) Corporation, Department of Energy, and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He was an active member of the Volunteer In Police Services (VIPS) for the City of Independence Mo Police Department for 7 years.  He’s also a member of the Community of Christ (Independence, Mo) Professional Law Enforcement Officers Association and Abundant Life Church (Lee’s Summit, Mo) Security Team. 

David was also appointed in 1977 as the Cass County Coroner by Governor Joseph Teasdale and was elected in 1980 by the Cass County citizens to the same office for another 4 year term. 


David has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg (11 years of night school).  He also received scholastic honors before being awarded an Honorable Discharged from the United States Air Force.


David received his 1st Degree Karate Black Belt in Ryu Kyu Shotokan Karate and Midwest Shotokan Karate from the Honorable Russell Joseph Mapes who was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2019.  David also received his 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shin Nagare Karate and 5th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Shotokan Karate.  He taught male and female students, ranging from the ages of 3 through 82, in the Pleasant Hill and Harrisonville Missouri areas for over 25 year.  He retired from active participation in 2005 at the age of 54.  

David has won over 250 trophies and medals in karate forms and point, light contact, and full contact karate/kickboxing.  

David’s students have won over 700 trophies.  David placed third in 1997 and second in 1998 in the Senior point fighters SouthWest Association of Tournaments (SWAT) championships.  SWAT competitors are mainly from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  David won the 1999 SWAT Senior Fighting and Forms Championships.  He took second place in Senior forms and fourth place in Senior fighting at the 2000 International Championships.  He also placed in the top 6 within each division winning 6 more fighting and forms trophies at the 2002 International Championships.  David’s most prized 2002 trophy was the Sportsmanship Award given to him by world karate champion, Bob Leiker.  International championship competitors came from all over the US, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, the Caribbean, England, Ireland, Guatemala, and Europe. 


David has fought in full contact karate matches at the Barney Allis Plaza Hotel, near Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri; Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas; and the All American Sports Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.  David has won all but two of his full contact fights.  There has been an average of over 1000 spectators at each fight.  David fought on the same ticket as movie stars like Zennie Reynolds from the Claude Van Damn movie “Bloodsport”.  He has also fought on the same ticket where regional and world class full contact karate & kickboxing titles were held.


In 1988, David traveled Region 5, which consists of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota and finished the season as the first place Senior fighting champion and third place Senior forms competitor in both the Professional Karate Association and the North American Sport Karate Association.  David also finished second in the Midwest Area Rating System (MARS) in senior fighting that year.  He was a top 5 Senior fighter in Missouri and Kansas for several years and was consistently in competition for the #1 Senior fighter title in the Missouri-Kansas Karate Circuit.


David won 6 gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 1994 and 1995 Missouri State Show-Me Games in Adult Black Belt and Senior Adult Black Belt fighting and forms.  His students have also won over 40 gold, silver, and bronze medals since 1996.