The Addison Times

Here are the events of 2017 crystallised into six lavishly-illustrated pages and in a new location, my website. Perhaps it will be here next year too if I am spared. Who knows?

The reason it is here this year is because it has been a special year in at least three ways I can think of off the top of my head.  That’s why it’s a bumper edition and too big to send as an attachment.  But don’t despair – it may be longer than usual but it’s not even half as long as one of the chapters of my books and it’s brighter than ever with even more photos than last year's.  Shouldn’t take you longer than eleven minutes!  That’s a minute each for Fiona and me, Elaine and John, Richard and Charlotte and the five grandchildren. You can surely spare that out of your busy lives can’t you!

It’s caused me no end of grief and it’s only thanks to my friend, ancien eleve and publisher, Dr Tom Christie, that you are able to read it at all. Well done, Dr Tom! Merci mille fois!