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Welcome to the official website of David M. Addison, award-winning author in the 2015 Bookbzz Prize Writer Competition for Biography and Memoir

Born in Banff, Scotland, once the county town of Banffshire, but now relegated to just another town in Aberdeenshire, David M. Addison was schooled at the academies of Fordyce and Banff. Having enjoyed his education there so much, he took a teaching degree from Aberdeen University and subsequently taught English in various locations in Scotland as well as Montana and Poland.

Before, like Banffshire, he went into similar decline himself, he retired early from the chalk face to indulge his unquenchable thirst for travel (and his wife would say, for Cabernet Sauvignon and malt whisky). At her suggestion, he only began writing about his experiences relatively recently, a suggestion she has regretted ever since, since it resulted in her too being reduced in status from married woman to writer's widow.When not at the laptop writing up his latest adventures, he can usually be found hunting for bargains in the wine and spirits aisle of his local supermarkets or at the Jazz Club in Linlithgow, where he is an enthusiastic but non-playing member. He is immensely proud of his five grandchildren.

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