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  • * The list includes news in the past year (October 2018 - October 2019)*

    • My paper "Are Epistemic Reasons Perspective-Dependent?" has now been published on Philosophical StudiesLink to the final version. Link to a full-text view-only version.
    • My paper "On correctly responding to all decisive reasons we have", accepted for publication on Ratio, is now out (issue 32 (1), 63-73)Link to a penultimate version. Link to the Online version.
    • My paper "Justification, Conformity, and the Norm of Belief" has been accepted for publication on Dialogue (forthcoming). Link to the online first version. Link to a penultimate version. Link to a full-text view-only version.
    • My paper "Moderate Skeptical Invariantism" has been accepted for publication on Erkenntnis (forthcoming). Link to a penultimate version. (I am particularly proud of this one! I truly enjoyed writing and thinking about it). Link to the Online-first version.
    • My paper "On the generality argument for the knowledge norm" has been accepted for publication on Synthese (forthcoming). Link to a penultimate version. Link to a full-text only view version of the article. Link to the article (online-first).

    I am postdoctoral researcher (ZJU100 Young Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences) within the Hundred Talent Program at Zhejiang University (China).

    My main interests are in Epistemology, Ethics and Philosophy of Mind. In particular, I'm interested in the nature of belief and its relation with truth (the aim of belief) and the relations between knowledge and practical rationality.

             You can find me also on Academia.eduResearchGate and PhilPeople.
              My website at ZJU.


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