Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval

Specific topics:

  • Semantic Information Retrieval

  • Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR)

  • Toponym Disambiguation

  • Word Sense Disambiguation

  • Ontology learning and population (Mining relationships from text)

  • Question Answering

  • Automatic detection of Irony/Humour in text

  • Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

PhD Students:

  • Ehab Hassan (2013 - 2017) co-director with Aldo Gangemi - "Reconnaissance d'expériences vécues dans les avis d'utilisateurs : une méthode basée sur les événements.", LIPN

  • Simon David Hernandez Pérez (2016 - 2019) co-director with Thierry Charnois - "Topic detection and similarity in scientific literature", LIPN

  • Fernando Lovera (2019 - ) co-director with Thierry Charnois and Yudith Cardinale (Venezuela USB)

  • Nabil Moncef Boukhatem (2020 - ) co-director with Leo Liberti (Ecole Polytechnique), CIFRE thesis

  • Hadi Abdine (2020 - ) co-director with Michalis Vazirgiannis (Ecole Polytechnique)

  • Vijini Liyanage (2021 - ) co-director with Adeline Nazarenko, LIPN

Reviewing and Scientific Responsibilities :

I've been invited to participate as a reviewer for some journals and as a member of program committees for different conferences and workshops.

Most significant ones:

Member of the mentor board for the student mentorship program at ECIR 2016

Member of the Steering Committee for SemEval-2020 and SemEval-2021

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Labex EFL

Member of the jury for the best PhD thesis prize (prix de la meilleure thèse) ATALA 2019

Member of the Steering Committee for Human Language Technologies of the AFIA (French Association for Artificial Intelligence)

Member of the Topic Board of the International Journal of Geo-Information and the Editorial Board of Information, both published by MDPI

Guest evaluator for the Frontier Science 2019 Call (Conacyt, Mexico)

Scientific Dissemination:

Active Research Projects:

  • PhilHumans EU Project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018: local coordinator for the LIPN

  • Currently member of the RCLN lab involved in the LabEX EFL

Previous Research Projects:

  • CampusFrance "Polonium" project on sentiment analysis and irony detection (international project with Pedagogical University of Kraków, Poland)

  • Golfred:G Machine reading for narrative generation of spatial experiences in service robots

  • “Cartographie de la diaspora des savoirs par fouille sémantique des résultats recherche sur le web” (projet ECOS-NORD in cooperation with UNAM, Mexico)

  • MOANO - Models and Tools for pervasive applications focusing on Territory Discovery

  • Extraction automatique de bases de connaissances lexicalisées à partir de textes (LIFO, Université d'Orléans)

  • TEXT-MESS 2.0 (subproject UPV: TEXT-ENTERPRISE 2.0: Text comprehension techniques applied to the needs of the Enterprise 2.0)

  • TEXT-MESS: Minería de Textos Inteligente, Interactiva y Multilingüe basada en Tecnología del Lenguaje Humano (subproject UPV: MiDEs)

  • Sistema de Búsqueda de Respuestas Inteligente basado en Agentes (AraEsp)

  • ICT for EU-India Cross-Cultural Dissemination

  • R2D2: Recuperación de Respuestas en Documentos Digitalizados

  • Formulación y Evaluación de Modelos para Resolver Preguntas a partir de Textos en Español empleando Información Lingüística

  • CIAO SENSO: Combining Corpus-Based and Knowledge-Based Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation


  • Ph.D "cum laude", Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, dissertation: "Toponym Disambiguation in Information Retrieval". 29th October 2010. European doctor mention. Panel: Paul Clough, Ross Purves, Emilio Sanchis, Mark Sanderson, Diana Santos

Invited Talks:

  • Mining Scholarly Publications for Scientific Knowledge Graph Construction, Workshop on Deep Learning meets Ontologies and Natural Language Processing, FOIS 2020, Bolzano (virtual), 16 September 2020

  • Towards the Automatic Generation of States of the art: current trends and challenges in the analysis of scientific texts, 7th LKE Symposium, Dublin 28-31 October 2019

  • Improving access to scientific literature: a semantic IR perspective, Conferencia Española de Recuperación de la Información (CERI 2018), Zaragoza, 27 June 2018

  • Information Géographique, textes et média sociaux, Atelier extraction de connaissances en données spatialisés (EXCES), SAGEO 2017, Rouen, 6 November 2017 (slides)

  • Computational Semantics for Next-generation Natural Language Processing applications, 2a Escuela de otoño de tecnologías del lenguaje, Cholula, Mexico, 27-28 September 2016

  • Análisis Semántico, LKE2015 Symposium, BUAP, Mexico, 27 October 2015 (Keynote Speaker)

  • NLP and Geographical Information Systems, 3th Workshop on Semantic Web and New Technologies, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico, 12 July 2010 (Keynote Speaker)

Awards and Grants:

  • DR78 grant from "Regione Liguria" for the completion of B.Sc. thesis in a foreign research center, 2002

  • FPI grant from "Generalitat Valenciana" (GVA) for the Ph.D. program at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, 2006-2010

  • GVA grant for a 3-months doctoral stage at FBK-IRST, Trento, under the supervision of Bernardo Magnini, 2009

  • Visiting professor grant from the University of Cagliari, may 2017

  • Best poster award at the 5th Franco-Polish forum for Research and Innovation


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