HSBNE Mendel Reprap

 Collecting the purchased bits together:
Printed Plastic parts
 Stepper Driver Circuit ( non-standard)
 Nuts, Bolts, Threaded rod
 straight stainless 8mm rods:

 bearings ( 48x624 and 2x 608 I think)
 Cleaning the swarf from the printed parts: ( twist each part onto the right sized drill bit, and then pull it off without twisting , to clean the swarf properly ):

 Building some key parts:
 the squashed frog ( made from leftover 6mm clear polycarbonate sheet to the design found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2107 ) :
 the basic mechanics assembled:

 the extruder mostly done:

 the hot-zone , and the epoxy we used:

 the completed extruder:

 testing the electronics:

 some pictures of the fully assembled model: ( front image)

 ( side image)

 ( almost overhead image )

  video of the completely assembled machine running it's first print:

YouTube Video

 first print! ( dodgy, I know! , the settings are still being tweaked) :