7-1 Testimonials

Here’s what my bike clients say about my work for them over the past dozen years.

2003/06/12  Martin       I simply wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my bike and for the breath of fresh air you bring by stating that: "greed sucks!”  I'll be sure to 
                                     give you my business next time I have bike problems.

2008/05/14  James        I just wanted to say the bike runs great. Fantastic job. A thousand thank-yous.

2011/05/11  Darlene      Thank you so much for all that you did. You did so much more than originally asked and the bikes are great. Have given recommendations to a few
                                         people and will again.  Well worth the trip to Smiths Falls.

2011/08/02  Katherine    Thanks for the bike maintenance. I had my bike out twice this weekend and it was in top form. I'm very glad that we found your name. I've already
                                         started to tell my friends about you.

2011/09/26  Paul             I took the bike in to work this morning and it rides very well. I actually shaved 3 minutes off my travel time. I figure the 5 pounds of tar you removed 
                                          must have made the bike lighter or something!

2012/04/11  Mark            Wow, I can't believe that is the same bike! Thank you so much for your time and considerable effort!  This bike looks amazing, restored beyond 

2013/04/10  Alain           Thanks again for the good service.

2013/04/10  Gen           Amazing, you are very good at your work!

2013/05/23  Giedre        Wow, Dave!  You have done a great job.

2013/09/13  Mary           Wow, you're thorough!

2013/10/02  Steve          You really do a thorough job!

2013/10/03  Martha & Gary  Thanks for completing the bikes so quickly and doing such a thorough job. 

2013/10/07  Sasha        I sincerely thank you for your meticulousness and most incredible attention to detail. 

2013/10/09  Anushka    Dave many thanks for fixing (my) Brodie. Really appreciate your help and hard work!!

2013/10/31  Ryan         Bike works amazingly, of course - I especially appreciate the way you even fix the things I forget to mention!

2014/07/10  Terry       Thanks for attending and providing mechanical services at the Smiths Falls (Triathlon) event. We had one special thank you by email from one of the 
                      participants, who really appreciated your assistance! We have taken your feedback seriously, and would love to have you back for the annual event next year.

2014/07/26  Peter           Amazing, you've done a ton more to get this bike safe and in shape for me. Good job.

2014/08/03  Mark   Thank you for all that great work you did on this bike, my Diamond Back hybrid, and various commuter bikes during my tenure in O-Town. You're a whiz 
                                    my friend!

2014/08/19  Nancy          Finally, got out for a bike ride this morning and I had a good ride, thanks for the great tune up.

2014/12/18  Mary        It is worth the drive to Smith Falls (from Ottawa) to have such a good mechanic keeping my bike in good repair.

2020/03/10  Steve       I took my bike for a ride today and it performed beautifully - like having a new one again.  Thank you for the tune-up, it makes a noticeable difference.