Software developed (open source)

The software developed for the research is available for download in this site (follow links below).
Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise specified, all software and images in this web site (if owned by me) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Dear TISC and tAo users,

I hope you are still making use of these codes to model your preferred sedimentary basins, river networks, and topography. 
Last year I uploaded both codes to the GitHub repository for your easier access to the latest updates. These are since the download sites:

Version-tracking repositories offer a simple platform for users to ask or provide feedback from/to the developers, and to push their own code improvements and potentially develop their own software forks. 

Importantly, the repository also hosts a Wiki where you can contribute the information/experience/documentation you want to share with other users. You are more than welcome to participate in all of this:

Issues and questions can be provided here:

I hope this helps to gradually make the software more accessible. 

Best regards,

See also other software available at the Messinian Salinity Crisis section.