"Eu vivo sempre no mundo da lua. Porque sou um cientista. O meu papo é futurista. É lunático."

Contact Info:
Email: danielcajueiro at unb.br

I am a Professor of the Department of Economics of the University of Brasília (UNB). If you're interested, you can access my resume here.

I am a father, a musician, a blood donor and I am very interested in science.

I am particularly interested in

  • Finance and Banking.
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
  • Control and Optimization Theory.
  • Complex Systems.
  • Scientific computation and real web-based applications with commercial value.
  • Crowd Behavior and Human Computation.
  • Operations Research.
  • Time-Series Forecasting.
  • Agent-Based models.
  • Economics and Social Science Experiments.
  • Marketing and Gamefication.
  • Leadership.

I have provided consultancy services in the fields of Finance, Banking, Machine Learning, Statistics, Econometrics and Operations Research for Public and Private companies.

I have taught Finance, Statistics, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics for public and private companies.

I have published more than 80 papers in periodicals of the fields of Economics, Engineering, Finance and complex systems.

I am the co-author (with Alexandre Ywata Carvalho and Reinaldo Soares Camargo) of the book "Introduction to statistical methods for economics and finance" (in portuguese).

I have received more than 1400 citations according to the ISI Web of Science and more than 3000 citations according to the Google Scholar.

My Web of Science H factor is 20 and my Google Scholar H Factor is 27.

I am among the 5% top economists in Brazil, according to the  Repec - Ideas rank.

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