Working Papers

Local Candidates and Distributive Politics Under Closed-List Proportional Representation (with Jon H. Fiva and Askill H. Halse)

Geographic representation is an important consideration in candidate nominations, even under closed-list proportional representation (PR), and may even matter for distributive policy outcomes. However, since nominations are determined strategically, the causal effects of local representation are difficult to identify. We investigate the relationship between local representation and electoral and distributive politics in the closed-list PR setting of Norway. Exploiting as-good-as-random election outcomes for marginal candidates, we find that parties obtain higher support in subsequent elections in the hometowns of narrowly-elected candidates. This effect appears to be driven by the local candidate appearing at the top of the party list in the next election. However, we find no evidence that representation results in geographically targeted policy benefits going to the candidates' hometowns.

Gender and Dynastic Political Recruitment (with Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne)

Throughout history and across countries, women appear more likely than men to enter politics at the heels of a close relative or spouse. We introduce a theoretical model that integrates political selection with informational inequalities across social groups to derive predictions for the roots and impact of this dynastic bias in women's recruitment. Legislator-level data from twelve democracies and candidate-level data from Ireland and Sweden support the idea that dynastic ties help women overcome a vote disadvantage in elections, and that the quality of predecessors may be more relevant in the recruitment of female successors than their male counterparts. Moreover, the role of informational inequalities in explaining the dynastic gender gap is empirically supported by a declining dynastic gender gap over time, and following the introduction of a gender quota in Sweden.

Other working papers (please contact me if interested):

"Measuring the Competitiveness of Elections" (with Gary W. Cox and Jon H. Fiva)

"Getting to Know Her: Information and Gender Bias in Preferential Voting Systems" (with Justin F. Reeves)

"Institutional Change and Legislative Speech: The Creation of Responsible Party Government in Japan" (with Max Goplerud)