Plant Proteolysis and Signalling 

Welcome to the lab website of Professor Daniel Gibbs 

We investigate how plants use protein degradation as a mechanism for regulating cellular processes and sensing diverse signals.  We are particularly interested in hypoxia signalling and flooding stress, protein acetylation, and co-translational protein quality control.

The general aim of our work is to increase our understanding of how plants develop and survive in dynamic environments, and to identify promising targets that can be manipulated in agriculturally important crops to improve growth, productivity and stress tolerance.

Here is a list of our current and previous grants:

BBSRC Responsive mode grant (April 24-March 27)

Antagonistic histone modifiers coordinate flooding stress tolerance and memory in plants

BBSRC Responsive mode grant (Nov 23-Oct 26)

MEIAD: Investigating Roles for Meiosis Associated Degradation during meiotic recombination in plants

ERC starter grant (2017-2023): 

This project has now ended, thought there are exciting papers on the way!

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