The Matrix Tarot

This is a brief video I made as an experiment with presenting study of religion in approachable, attractive, video form. It outlines my hypothesis the directors of the "Matrix" science fiction trilogy have, besides a number of better-known allusions to the history of philosophy, religion and science fiction, also incorporated "The Fool's Journey" in the original movie.

Creation of the video, and publication on the internet, was exciting, fun and certainly a learning experience involving such diverse subjects as video editing, speaking to a camera, and fair use rights. It would not have been possible without the technical assistance, hardware and software provided by Johannes Böttger.

While the result certainly can't replace a proper written treatise on the subject, it may be more likely to help make the study of religion more visible. I very much recommend this route to my fellows. It is not necessary to barter with a "proper" film team anymore, and to compromise with the interests of those who monopolize visual media! The video is still a simplification of a more complex topic. But at least I got to choose my own simplifications...

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