Facial feedback and the subjective experience of ritual

This is my second video presenting study of religion in video format. It summarizes my M.A. thesis on the effects of facial feedback on the subjective experience of ritual, which you can download (in German) here.

I deliberately chose a very dry style to contrast my previous rather flashy movie, The Matrix Tarot. The result is certainly less likely to appeal to casual viewers, but gets across the important points and has been much easier to produce.

Since it closely resembles a traditional format (the conference paper), most scholars used to that should be able to produce this kind of video. In fact, many have done so. Very few of these video authors, however, work in the study of religion. I find this increasingly hard to understand. Cameras, storage space and bandwidth are now so ubiquitous and so easy to use that to fail to film a lecture practically constitutes a deliberate choice to reduce its reach and value.

I have published more in-depth, English language treatise of the subject as To say "Krishna" is to smile - emotion psychology and the neurology of mantra singing. In "The Varieties of Ritual Experience" (ed. by Jan Weinhold & Geoffrey Samuel)  as a section of the series "Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual", Volume II: "Body, performance, agency and experience". Wiesbaden, Germany: Harrassowitz 2010.