Dress Code:

Ballet and Tap:
Pink or white footed tights and optional leotard color.Ballet skirts or dance dresses are fine Pink leather ballet slippers and black mary jane tap shoes(tap only). Hair must be pulled back from face.And no jewelry except small earrings allowed.

White T-shirt and black movable pants. Black leather ballet slippers and black oxford tap shoes(tap only).
Dance pants, fitted top or leotard. Soft black jazz shoe's -slip on or laced is fine.Hair must be pulled back from face.Knee pads suggested
Hip Hop:
Movable shirt and pants (gym type clothes -sweat pants). Jazz or clean movable sneakers( Black or pink) and knee pads required.Hair must be pulled back. Please make sure shoes are clean - not worn outside

 Leotard or tight fitted shirt with leggings. We need to see all the angles of the back and legs. Flat ballet pink shoes are required. Hair needs to be pulled back. Please bring exerband to class

Pointe/Intermediate Ballet:
Leotard with tights/ leggings . A ballet skirt or tight shorts can be worn over tights. Flat ballet pink slippers and ballet pink pointe shoes are required. Make sure to have shoes properly set up. Hair needs to be pulled back into a bun. No jewelry.An exerband is also required.

Be prepared to practice at home as well. Have your music handouts ready

Fine Art:
Please bring an art pad, water colors and pencils to class. As the semester moves on differant art supplies may be required. 

You need to bring your own guitar. Be ready to practice at home, practicing the the lessons that were given in class.
Adult Dance /Fitness Classes:
Comfortable work out clothes. Athletic shoes that are clean with non marking soles. Shoes have to be clean - not worn outside. Make sure to bring your water bottle !       
Couples Classes:
 Check with teacher prior to class time

There will be some new and lightly used dance shoes and clothes available for purchase at the Lakeside Dance Studio.Reserve your size now.


Quarter Info:

The Lakeside Dance Studio follows School District#29 Major Holiday Schedule.  The recital dates and quarter/semester info is also available on our calender .Click here to view calendar.


Completed registration form, $8.00 registration fee and tuition is required to enroll.There will be a $40.00 costume fee due mid October and another in mid March.
If you notify us before the order date that your child will not be  attending the recital you can have a complete costume refund.
The adult classes will not be participating in the recitals so, no costume fee is required.


Tuition is due in full the first class of each quarter. A $10.00 late fee will be applied if tuition is not received on due date. Students may not participate in class until tuition is paid in full.
No Refunds or Credits are allowed for missed classes. You may talk to your teacher about making up a class.
Checks, cash and major credit cards are accepted. Please make checks payable to Lakeside Dance Studio and mail to:

Lakeside Dance Studio
P.O. Box 388
Lakeside, Mt 59922
or drop it off at the studio

$14.00 per class
$110.00 per quarter (9 weeks)
$200.00 per semester (18 weeks)


Please notify us in advance if you are withdrawing you or your child. If we are not notified you will still be billed for the quarter whether your child is in attendance or not.

Pick-up/Drop off
Please make sure that your child is ready and on time when class starts. You or your child may not participate in class if you are 15 minuets late. Also, make sure that you are on time picking up your child! If you are more than 15 min. late you will be charged for the extra time that your child is in our care.

Bathroom Policy:
we ask that you be responcible to take your child to the bathroom before or after class. The bathroom will be closed during classtime unless there is an emergency. Children going to the bathroom during class is a huge distraction and makes everyone miss out on learning about dance.

lakeside dance studio - ph.406.250.1740 - mail. po box 388 lakeside mt, 59922