Below I provide teaching materials from various classes.  These include course notes for an Applied Econometrics (2nd year masters course), Introduction to Economics, Impact Evaluation and Econometrics (these last three in Spanish), along with some short presentations.  One of these is on scraping the web with Python, and why this might be something of interest for economists, and the other is on estimating dynamic models with a MATLAB flavour (from a series of lectures written with Abi Adams and Simon Quinn in Oxford, 2013-2014).  Further details on these MATLAB lectures are available in our textbook.


Empirical Econometrics

               Notes (updated 2017)

Scraping the web with Python


Estimating Dynamic Models with MATLAB

Slides (finite horizon)   Code

Slides (infinte horizon) Code

Introduction to Economics

All course materials

Impact Evaluation (Revision Class)

Evaluación de Impacto


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