Journal of Economic Surveys (Forthcoming)
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Submitted and Working Papers

On the Value of Birth Weight (with Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque).
    March, 2017

The Twin Instrument
(with Sonia Bhalotra)
    December, 2016
The Demand for Season of Birth (with Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque).
    December, 2016

Women in parliament and maternal mortality: longitudinal analysis of 156 countries during 1990-2010 (with Sonia Bhalotra, Joseph Gomes and Atheen Venkataramani)

Work in Progress

Maternal Mortality and the Status of Women (with Sonia Bhalotra, Joseph Gomes and Atheen Venkataramani).
Estimating Difference-in-Differences in the Presence of Spillovers
Practical Considerations for Questionable IVs (with Benjamín Matta)


Abi Adams, Damian Clarke and Simon Quinn (2015) "Microeconometrics and MATLAB: An Introduction"  
    Oxford University Press.  
    Table of Contents.

Software Components

WORLDSTAT: A visualisation of the state of world development.
MERGEMANY: Stata module to merge many files.
ERATE: (with Pavel Luengas Sierra) Stata module to import up-to-date exchange rates for any currency pairs. 
GENSPEC: A general-to-specific modelling algorithm for Stata.
PLAUSEXOG: Stata implementation of Conley et al's plausibly exogenous bounds.
ARROWPLOT: Stata module to produce combined plot for graphing inter-group and intra-group trends.
RWOLF: Stata module to calculate Romano-Wolf stepdown p-values for multiple hypothesis testing.

Research Reports

Maternal Mortality and Education (with Sonia Bhalotra). Background paper for EFA Global Monitoring Report,  UNESCO 2013/14.