Assessing Plan B: The Effect of the Morning After Pill on Children and Women, with Andrea Bentancor
     The Economic Journal (Forthcoming)

General to Specific Modelling in Stata
Stata Journal (2014) 

Submitted and Working Papers

Fertility and Causality (R&R requested)
    April, 2016

The Twin Instrument (with Sonia Bhalotra)
    December, 2016
The Demand for Season of Birth (with Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque).
    December, 2016

Women in parliament and maternal mortality: longitudinal analysis of 156 countries during 1990-2010 (with Sonia Bhalotra, Joseph Gomes and Atheen Venkataramani)

Work in Progress

Maternal Mortality and Female Life Expectancy: The Importance of Gender Inequality (with Sonia Bhalotra, Joseph Gomes and Atheen Venkataramani).

Estimating Difference-in-Differences in the Presence of Spillovers


Abi Adams, Damian Clarke and Simon Quinn (2015) "Microeconometrics and MATLAB: An Introduction"  
    Oxford University Press.  
    Table of Contents.

Software Components

WORLDSTAT: A visualisation of the state of world development.
MERGEMANY: Stata module to merge many files.
ERATE: (with Pavel Luengas Sierra) Stata module to import up-to-date exchange rates for any currency pairs. 
GENSPEC: A general-to-specific modelling algorithm for Stata.
PLAUSEXOG: Stata implementation of Conley et al's plausibly exogenous bounds.
ARROWPLOT: Stata module to produce combined plot for graphing inter-group and intra-group trends.
RWOLF: Stata module to calculate Romano-Wolf stepdown p-values for multiple hypothesis testing.

Research Reports

Maternal Mortality and Education (with Sonia Bhalotra). Background paper for EFA Global Monitoring Report,  UNESCO 2013/14.