DCC Welcome to my home page.  I am very happy to be joining the University of Santiago of Chile as an Associate Professor of Economics in 2016.  My research interests include maternal and child health and education, fertility and family size, and applied microeconometrics.  For publications and work in progress, see the research section of this site.

My research code is open source.  Code and data are available on my github page, and further details can be found on the research and computation pages of this site.  I endorse open data and open code in economics, for details see the Open Economics tab of this site.  All code on this site is released under a GNU copyleft licence, meaning it is free for you to change and circulate.  All sole authored writing to which I hold copyright is released under the Creative Commons.

Any comments or queries are welcome. Contact details are available here. 

    Contact details:
         m-  Damian Clarke
                 Balliol College
                 Broad Street
                 OX1 3BJ

         c - github code repository