Going from Milan toward Bormio through Valtellina valley it is impossible not to notice Tresivio village with its sumptuous church, “The Holy House”, and the hill called Calvario where every Good Friday, from ancient times, Tresivio inhabitants partecipate to a suggestive procession with torches and candles, in memory of Christ's death.

The village was inhabited since the Copper Age and it was the administrative centre of the valley during the Middle Age. Thanks to its mild climate and its continuos exposure to the sun (Tresivio is on the Retic side of the Alps) it is one of the best place in Valtellina to grow vineyards and apple trees.

Being only few km far from the main tourist resorts of the valley, Tresivio is the right place to stay if you want to go skiing in Bormio, Aprica, or Valmalenco. For example it takes just 30 min by car from Tresivio to Valmalenco and less than one our for being on Bormio ski slopes.

While if you like just walking, cycling or playing tennis the village is perfect for you with its footpaths, its quiet surroundings and its tennis fields. More… if you want to play golf there is, far 20 minutes by car, a new golf field just near to the little Caiolo airport.