A bit of history, our club, founded in 1988 by Ho Keat Ma and Ted Edgerton, has grown and changed over the years, with numerous regular and international players/guests.  We started with one court, two hours a week, and has grown to over multiple facilities.  Now, you can play anywhere in the Dallas area almost everyday of the week.  Play ranges from competitive to recreational, with a strong legacy of winning at local tournaments.  Past social activities include tournaments, BBQ/pool parties, Dim Sum and potluck gatherings.  There have also been several marriages and a number of badminton kids growing up with the game.
Our club hosts tournaments for local and out of state players.  Labor Day is a tradition for us to spend our time in the badminton courts competing in the Dallas Open. We also host our annual charity event in the form of family-oriented matches, held every December, soliciting toys as entry fees to benefit the Scottish Rite Children's hospital and Reverchon after-school children programs. 
Dallas Badminton Club also offers training programs for adults and children. 

Reverchon Recreation Center
3505 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219
(214) 670-7720