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This is a web page of Daiki Nishiguchi.

Current position: Assistant Professor at Takeuchi Laboratory, Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo.

Brief CV:

Ph.D. at Sano Lab, UTokyo → CEA-Saclay Institut Pasteur → Assistant Professor at Takeuchi Lab, UTokyo


2023.7.3:My interview on active matter physics is available on UTokyo Science web magazine! You can also enjoy Podcast.

2023.7.3:New preprint of a review article on long-range order in active matter

My PhD thesis is published as a collection of Springer Theses in February 2020! [LINK to the book]

日本語はこちら(Japanese version)。

e-mail: nishiguchi[[at]]noneq.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Photo: at the top of Mt. Fuji, with its shadow on the forest (2015 summer)

Photo: Taken for my interview article on UTokyo Science (2023 May)

Online experimental workshop for elementary & (junior) high school students [LINK]
I'm explaining the polarization of light and how to use it to detect the force chains in granular media, etc. (though in Japanese)

Full 60-min version available→ [LINK]

Video abstract of my work on Janus particles

New Journal of Physics 20, 015002 (2018)

My outreach talk at UTokyo open campus (August 2022, in Japanese)

I supervised an outreach movie on active matter. Please enjoy a nice voice by a professional voice actor (famous for e.g. Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan)