Welcome to the Cedar Valley Civil War Roundtable

 Upcoming Programs

Programs are presented by the membership or guest speakers with lively and thought-provoking discussions. 

Our topics range from specific battles to weapons, period dress, civilian and military personnel medicine, photography, innovations, politics and social concerns. 

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Area Events

One aspect of our Roundtable mission is to collect and distribute noteworthy items of interest about the war. While the focus is typically here in the Cedar Valley, we frequently have information of interest for across the state and nation. 

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Program Archive

Take a look at past programs.  Some of our recent streamed programs have been recorded on YouTube, which is include the program description.

Some Past Events

The Roundtable sponsors various war related events.   In addition, the membership participates  in other organizations also.    We have saved a collection of information and slide shows for several recent events.


Part of the Roundtable's mission is facilitating the access to information covering a wide range of topics about the Civil War, people, places, battles, events, etc. Our focus is directed especially towards the impact of the war on the Cedar Valley and Iowa.

About Us

We are interested in all areas of the Civil War, people, places, battles, events, along with the impact of the war in Iowa and beyond.

The Roundtable offers an excellent opportunity to add another dimension to your Civil War interest or specialize in a particular area in this fascinating period of history.  

NEW: Membership renewal by PayPal and credit cards now available