Simba Roo

A love this great deserves its own page...
~Simba image by Christy Clevenger

                                                                   Curlydolls Simba Roo

Meet Simba Roo...aka Roo, Baroo, babaroooooo...he is the little stinker that snuck in and stole my heart.

Once upon a time, my heart was filled with my babycat princess, Eris. I loved Eris so very much. I still miss her terribly. I thought that it would never be possible to have that kind of bond with another animal...
and then...Simba came along.

Simba was born teeny tiny. He was only 56 grams! That is only two ounces.

He scared me to death when he was born. His sister, Bella, had not been breathing when born and I spent a long time reviving her. When I saw little bitty heart stopped in my chest. Then, he meowed, crawled towards his momma, and I knew things would be okay.

I hand fed him for weeks and weeks. I would bring him to bed with me and he would whip around playing and biting his own tail. He has always amused us greatly with his silly antics. I did not want a second boy, so from the get-go I had planned he would go to a pet home. At about three weeks old, he would come to the sound of my voice. At about three months, old, we decided he would never go anywhere.

Simba was shown a couple of times when he was young, and then as an adult. He did not seem to enjoy showing, which broke my heart, because he is so close to breed standard in so many ways.
Simba fathered two litters of babies. The second litter to Jubilee, we neutered him before I knew she was pregnant. When I realized the entire litter was minks and a point...and a single solid chocolate, I sighed...he carried thermal and chocolate!
So. as a neuter we tried again to show in Premier. He has a very successful first show.

Here he is getting best Allbreed Premier in David Mare's ring. We realized that he still didn't care for showing. At the next show, a judge handled him roughly and he did not care for it at all. We pulled him from that show and ever since he goes to the shows simply in the "Eye Candy" division-we do not put him in the rings for judges to handle, he simply hangs out with us and serves as a great ambassador for the breed, allowing folks to pet him (as long as the spoiled thing is close to mom or dad!)

Here Simba and I are speaking in Meet the Cats at the TICA Annual show in Bellevue, Washington.

The two pics above from Devon Heaven, held in Birmingham, Alabama. He was our show mascot and is featured on our Rosettes-(In a cartoon drawn by Christy Clevenger)

So, a bit more about my rotten boy. He goes out with us wherever we go. He is always anxious to hop into his carrier and go.  (Here he is guarding the front window while we are stopped)

He sleeps in bed with us, steals both my pillow and the covers. When he thinks it is time for the alarm to go off in the morning, he starts calling me, whether it really is time or not just to get me out of bed and paying attention to him! ..and has what he thinks is his own Ipad with Catpicasso on it

He loves warmies, and basking in the sun is a favorite

He is also very smart. I had toys in my bag and he knew it. We went to dinner-i left the messanger bag ZIPPED and CLOSED OVER...and came back to this
like most boys, he does not like being fussed at

He also does NOT like cat show judges or photographers