Kittens-New Arrivals

We are expecting babies! Finally!
After a long hiatus waiting for our boys to grow up...we have babies due soon!

This is "Monster" ~ Curlydolls UnRooly Wench
Yup, her name fits her and yes, she stays too.

This is "Trey" ~ Curlydolls Taming of the Roo
He is a Natural Smoke Mink tabby and white, born January 2016.
He will stay with us! (Only child and his momma had to be spayed)


We have had 2 litters born in 2015. 
Harriet had babies and Jubilee. The Little girl in the front left is staying with us 
(All of these babies are spoken for-be sure to get added to the
Waiting List if interested in future litters!)

Litter from Noodles and Lulah (Megarex Talulah Mist of Curlydolls)

 Noodles and Jubilee babies

Previous 2014 Litters

Paul-Now Captain Rocky (Natural Mink)

Ringo(Natural  Mink) . The boy has some earsers!  Ringo and George are now Texans :)                                                                                                                                               
John will be staying here and will be...
Curlydolls Great Rexpectations- "Tater"

                                                                           (Right) This is Cookie <Cookie Crisp> (Natural mink/white)
Cookie is now Curlydolls Yoko Ohno of Blu-Paw

This is Cheerio (Natural Mink/White)
He is now known as Phoenix and will be shown as a Premier

Born May 2013 to Spot and Noodles
4 babes-three of which are black and white!
Named for Stars of the Silver Screen (and one very famous lady who took a great movie from black and white to full color!)

Ingrid                                                                                                             Rudy                    
                                                                                                             (Rudolph)-Rudy is now 
                                                                                                         SGC Curlydolls Ears 2 U of
                                                                                                          Cheers received his TICA
                                                                                                                  Supreme Grand
                                                                                                            Champion at the 2014
                                                                                                                  TICA Annual!!
and Bogey!

Born 12/1/12 to Rainingrexes Jubilee of Curlydolls and Curlydolls Simba Roo. There are 3 boys (chocolate and two mink and whites) and two girls, a cameo(that turned out not to be a cameo lol) and a tortie mink and white.

Litter born to Rainingrexes Shaak Ti of Curlydolls (Spot) and Castilleja's Ear-Resistable Noodles (of Curlydolls) in January 2012.

This is Iceman~brown tabby and white.

This is Cougar...lookit those ears!!
Look how handsome Kismet is now!


This is Charlie-(Charlotte)..the lone girl....
who went on to become Grand Champion (CFA), Supreme Grand Champion (TICA) and Regional Winner (TICA) Curlydolls PrincessLeia of Steadham~we miss you pretty girl~

Maverick and Cougar...yup, we got some ears!

Want to see more of our kitten pics?

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