The Engineering Fellows are a collection of graduate and undergraduate students within the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Get to know who your Fellows are!

Faculty Advisor

John Bennett

John Bennett has been the Faculty Advisor to the Engineering Fellows since their founding in 2004. He is the Archuleta Professor of Computer Science at CU, where he holds joint appointments in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program. For the past six years he was the Director of the ATLAS Institute at CU. Prior to directing ATLAS, Bennett was the Associate Dean of Engineering for Education in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He joined the CU-Boulder faculty in 2000, after serving on the faculty of Rice University for 11 years. Bennett holds MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the University of Washington Seattle, and BSEE and MEE degrees from Rice University. His primary research interests are broadly focused in the areas of ICTD and STEM education. He is a registered professional engineer. Prior to his academic career, Bennett founded and led two successful technology start-ups, and was an Officer in the US Navy.

Head Fellows

Jenny Kampmeier

Jenny is a Master's student in Aerospace Engineering with a focus area of Bioastronautics and completed her Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering last year. Jenny is passionate about everything related to spaceflight, human space travel, mission operations, and interplanetary exploration, and hopes to work for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory following graduation. She is also a passionate advocate for women in her field, and co-founded the student organization Women in Aerospace Engineering at CU. Outside of school, Jenny works at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics where she commands NASA spacecraft and wonders why things act so weird in space. In a previous life, Jenny was a classical flutist and orchestra librarian in Manhattan before coming back to school. She is married to fellow space-nerd Matt Muszynski, and shares a home with her adorable beagle Darwin. 

Eli Kopp-DeVol

Eli Kopp-DeVol is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and working on a minor in computer science. His childhood dream of inventing (and of course piloting) a moon-worthy tractor led him to his love of machines and a desire to grasp a fundamental knowledge of the inner workings of the world and the universe beyond. He has an especially strong interest in artificial intelligence and recently finished working with Professor Y.C. Lee’s research group to develop a micro compressor to accompany a micro cryogenic cooler. When he occasionally emerges from his study cave; Eli loves to backpack, play music, or go skiing and is a huge mountain bike enthusiast.


Bridger Baird

Bridger is a Civil Engineering student with a minor in Business from Estes Park, CO.  He is heavily involved with Engineer’s Without Borders here at CU and has helped to create a new project in Paraguay. When he is not studying in the math library, he is outside mountain biking, climbing, hiking or backpacking. He loves to talk about the disappearing Colorado River and the challenge of providing water for the western United States.  His favorite subject is all things structural and he can’t wait to help you out with your Civil Engineering classes.  His goals are to complete a master’s degree in Structural Engineering here at CU before pursuing an international PhD or career.  He can’t wait to meet you!

Andrew Beel

Andrew is a fourth-year BS/MS student double majoring in Civil Engineering and Applied Mathematics who enjoys computational mechanics research, playing piano, and salsa dancing. He also likes to climb trees, as shown to the left. Andrew looks forward to infecting engineering students with his contagious (and probably deadly) love of math and science.


Ginger Beerman

Ginger is a 3rd year aerospace engineering student from Lafayette, Colorado. Ginger works at CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics as a command controller helping to fly 5 of NASA's satellites. Aside from school and work, Ginger was a competitive jump roper for 14 years and enjoys eating food, reading and petting other people's dogs. 

Gabe Castillo

Gabe is a senior in Aerospace Engineering who is planning to pursue a BS/MS degree in Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems. He also works at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics as a command controller to help fly multiple NASA satellites. Outside of school and work, he is a huge sports nerd and loves to talk about baseball specifically. A known hat enthusiast, Gabe is known for matching one of his many hats to his shirt on a daily basis. He's also a Colorado native who loves to go on hikes, ski, and shoot hoops from time to time. 

Adam Cronce

Adam is a senior of Chemical Engineering with industry interests in aerospace, programming and other engineering-y fields that require challenging process and project management. The more complicated, the better. In his former life, he played guitar in a tribal hard rock band called Niobium, toured the Midwest, recorded and album and met both Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Bobcat Goldthwait. Not at the same time. When he isn't in school, he may be devouring sci-fi novels, climbing rocks and patiently waiting for season 2 of Stranger Things.

Tyler (Toni) Gossett

Tyler (Toni) Gossett is a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering. She plans on getting a PhD in Materials Engineering and pursuing a career in Research and Development. Toni works in a lab running an atomic layer deposition reactor and is part of a team designing and building a distillation column for the Chemical Engineering undergraduate teaching lab. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, dancing, watching The Office, and hosting board game nights. She is always looking for new places to explore and loves all things outdoors including hiking, camping, and snowboarding. Toni is passionate about helping students and she is excited to get to work with you!


Samantha Growley

Sam Growley is a senior in Aerospace Engineering. She loves anything that has to do with Star Trek, Math, or America’s Got Talent.  When she isn’t studying, you can find her swimming laps, bowling with friends, or learning how to swing dance.  Sam also likes to do anything outdoors such as hiking West Maroon Pass or finding a place to go cliff jumping! She is super excited to help others with their Engineering classes and assist them on their path to academic success!


Matthew Haney 

I am first year grad student, pursuing my masters in electrical and computer engineering. Post-graduation, I hope to work in a semiconductor foundry and spend more quality time with my dog. When I'm not drinking coffee in the capstone lab, you can catch me hiking with my partner or baking a variety of breads in my converted basement apartment. 

Ella Hushka

Ella is a senior pursuing a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering. Any second she's not in class you can find her in the lab, where she has spent the last 2 years using biomaterials to study mechanical signaling in valvular interstitial cells and human mesenchymal stem cells. She hopes to pursue a career in translatable medical research, particularly in sports and regenerative medicine. The last three years she has lead the Society of Women Engineers in studying how to best support underrepresented groups in STEM fields and teaching educators how to encourage these minorities. In any spare time, she is in the kitchen baking or focusing on recovering from hip surgery to get back to cross country running and hiking! 

Matt Jankousky

Matt is a Senior in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in Applied Math. He is in his second year of computational quantum chemistry research with the Musgrave group, and works with CU's Engineers Without Borders -- Paraguay team. In his spare time, he enjoys music, hiking, bouldering, reading, and any other good excuse to spend time with people. The Fellows and other teaching experiences have been one of the highlights of his undergraduate experience and he's excited to get to work with the students again this year.


Geya Kairamkonda

Geya is a junior pursuing her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. She loves learning outside of the classroom and has been involved with several research labs both in and out of state. Outside of school, she enjoys long hikes and being a tea snob. She's excited to get to know you and help you with your classes!


Reidar Larsen

Reidar is a Senior in with plans to earn a BS/MS degree in Aerospace Engineering. Reidar is an avid space fan and probably reads more news articles about space than he should. Reidar works at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics where he commands NASA spacecraft and is fascinated by plots and graphs. When he’s not at school Reidar loves watching movies and hopes one day to be awesome like Rich Purnell from The Martian. On a sunny day Reidar is likely hiking up a mountain, and trying to figure out who’s bright idea that was. At night Reidar is probably trying to teach himself how to cook while battling with his oversensitive smoke detector.


Hernan Lopez

Hernan is a 4th year student studying Architectural Engineering with a minor in Leadership Studies. When I'm not in the gym, I enjoy going on long hikes, camping, skating, discovering new music, and hanging out with friends. I plan on enrolling in the BS/MS program and pursuing a degree in Structural Engineering, and one day working on sporting facilities (especially soccer stadiums). I'm also an Engineering Ambassador so make sure to stop by our table in the engineering center and say hi!


Elysia Lucas

Elysia is a junior majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Astronomy. She loves space, math, cats, coding, food, and music. She currently works at LASP writing Python tools for MAVEN science data analysis. In her free time, Elysia loves playing and listening to "old people music" (jazz, 70's rock and R&B), hanging out with her cat Daphne, binge-watching way too much Netflix/Hulu/YouTube, and just being a huge nerd about pretty much anything you can think of. She's excited to help students with math and meet new people!


Joe Lytwyn

Joe is in the BS/MS program studying Civil Engineering focusing in construction engineering and management. Growing up on job sites has lead Joe to enjoy all things construction. Seeing a project grow from an idea to full completion is his true passion. When he is not buried in his schoolwork, you can find Joe snowboarding, hiking, or working on his car. Joe also has an unusual ability to feed squirrels from his hand.


Jake Mitchell

Jake is senior at CU completing a BS in Computer Science. He currently works at LASP for the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission in the data systems group. He splits his time pretty evenly between working / gaming indoors, outdoor activities, and friends. During the summer he enjoys hiking and riding his motorcycle (GSXR-600), and during the winter you will most likely find him at a ski resort!


Elise Niedringhaus

Elise is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. At CU, her job as an Applied Math Learning Assistant helped her to discover a newfound passion for teaching. She loves painting, tennis, playing the piano, listening to movie scores and watching nature documentaries. Moving forward, she hopes to pursue the design side of mechanical engineering.


Kianna Nguyen

Kianna is a senior studying Chemical and Biological Engineering with minors in Leadership Studies and Biomedical Engineering. She is passionate about medicine and hopes to use her knowledge of engineering to serve in a career that bridges the gap between medicine and developing technology. Outside of academics, you can find Kianna coaching cute little kids in swimming, rock climbing, playing piano, or dominating in innertube water polo.


Jared Marks

Jared is currently a junior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. He was led on a path towards engineering after working for a production company in Cleveland as a lighting designer/technician. When school's not too crazy, he loves skiing, running, lifting and exploring all Colorado has to offer. Music is essential for his survival with his favorite artist being GRiZ but enjoys discovering new songs of any genre (with the exception of country). In the future he hopes to join a tech startup and wishes one day to build his own with fellow CU students.

Prerit Oberai

Prerit is a senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with minors in Leadership Studies and Biomedical Engineering. He is passionate about technology and medicine and hopes to one day start a business which builds cheap technology for early cancer detection. Other than academics, you'll see Prerit competing in Taekwondo, playing his guitar, or volunteering at the local homeless shelter.

Roy Powell

Roy is a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Physics, and a love for all things Soccer. He has been on the CU Men’s Soccer team since his freshman year, and has been a captain for the past two years. Professionally he has held internships in the HVAC and semiconductor industries, as well as research and teaching positions on campus. This fall he is on the SAE Baja competition team for his senior project, and continuing to work part time in the semiconductor industry for Lam Research. In his free time he enjoys napping, eating, and hiking.

Cary Sullivan

Cary is a Senior Computer Science Major. He is also in his fourth year as an Army ROTC Cadet and will commission as a Second Lieutenant in December 2018.Born in Savannah, GA raised in Dayton, OH living and loving Boulder, CO for now. When Cary is not in classes, training for ROTC, or working he likes to ski and trail run. 

Robert Tyrell-Ead

Robert is a junior in Engineering Physics/Applied Mathematics, He plans to pursue a PhD in Physics, and/or join the Peace Corps to work in Nepal. After that he would like to work with an aerospace company like JPL or SpaceX. Currently he is working at NIST on microwave scanning probe microscopy, looking at the properties of 2D materials. At CU he also works with the EWB Nepal group, helping bring clean drinking water to the communities of Nepal. Additionally he is part of the CU rowing crew. In his free time he prefers to be outside biking, hiking, running or climbing the Flatirons, and in the winter can be found sledding or skiing. He loves teaching people about the exciting worlds of math and physics, and also loves learning new things, no matter what they are!