Crypto Paranormal Investigations is a special research team dedicated to the documentation and study of paranormal phenomena and allegedly haunted locations through an objective and scientific lens.  For over a decade C.P.I. has visited and investigated some of America's most reputedly haunted locations. Crypto's continuing mission is to help advance the field of modern parapsychological research through experimentation and providing educational services.

    C.P.I. is based in Queens, New York and conducts both laboratory based studies and field research, of allegedly haunted sites, throughout North America.  In addition to the group's research goals, C.P.I., provides investigative and consultative services to any individual or group seeking assistance or information, as well as lectures about paranormal phenomena and research. Crypto has lectured at colleges and historical societies and it's activities have been chronicled in print, television and radio broadcasts as well as original documentary films produced by C.P.I.