Meet our family

Ross is pictured above right ( USMC picture 1991 - Operation Desert Storm)

Ross is the Texas Department of Public Safety certified LTC instructor, Paige is a LTC holder and our children (Brittany 24, Megan 23, Amanda 20 and Josh 10) have been instructed in firearms since they were old enough to hold a gun up and shoot.

( with our close guidance and instruction of course )

Ross is a decorated U.S. Marine (from 1987-1995) and served in the Persian Gulf War in 1990-91 and has been a full time Texas Police Officer for 18 years, currently for the Ennis Police Department. He is a Master Peace Officer, former Ennis S.W.A.T. team member, holds several Law Enforcement instructor certifications and has successfully trained over 2000 LTC applicants.

Ross , his wife Paige and children are avid outdoor enthusiast to include : bow and gun hunting, fishing, kyacking and tent camping. We raise registered "grass fed" Longhorn Cattle, commercial cattle, chickens, and Australian Shepherds.

Paige who graduated from Texas Womens University with a degree in Occupational Therapy is a full time mom, wife, home school teacher, part-time pediatric Occupational Therapist, book keeper and whatever else she needs to be at the time of need.

Ross's words, "I could not live five seconds without her!"

Brittany, Megan and Amanda are grown and out of the nest. Brittany and Amanda are full time moms and Megan is a college student pursuing a career in Nursing and works full time in the medical services field. We also have three beautiful grandchildren!

Joshua, is a 5th grade home school student.

We are deeply proud of all of our children and grandchildren!

We are Bible believing(COVER TO COVER), Blood bought, Gun Totin',

Hard Core Texas Americans, Born Again Followers of Jesus Christ

and serve our Savior at

Grace Fellowship Church of Oak Grove in Kaufman,Texas

and we love our church family.

If you are a hell deserving sinner like we are, come to our church, its full of people like us......... We will love you no matter what you look like,

who you are, where you've been or where your going.

We just want to make sure your going to heaven when you die!


If we weren't sinners, Jesus would have not had to suffer the cross to save us! If you don't know Jesus, we can sure set you up to meet Him and show you how you can have eternal life in Heaven forever! (that's a long time) with us!

Come give us a "Look See!" We look forward to serving you!

Megan, Ross, Josh and Paige Jones and "Kit" the family Ausiee

2012 Family Photo

Paige, Josh and Ross Jones - 2013