Rootin Shootin Picture Page - "Havin Fun and Makin Memories"

Guardians, Warriors, Sheep Dogs!


December 14th, 2013 Class

21 more "Sheep Dogs" to enter the arena!

You never know when your services will be called upon!

December 14th, 2013 - Dedicated but cold!

Shooters on the line, "Ready, Aim, Fire!"

"Everybody did a great job, I was very impressed!"................. Ross Jones - Instructor/Owner

This group was awesome ! Thanks John and Patty Land and family!

I would like to note that John Land shot his practical course from his scooter /chair and did amazing! We cater to the handicapped and will accommodate your situation to the best of our ability.

John and Patty Land qualify with their weapons.

Handicapped Shooters

John Land is handicapped, but able to qualify with his handgun to meet the standards set forth by the Texas Department of Regulatory Services. We cater to special needs clients and will go above and beyond to train you for the specific situation you are currently in.

John and Patty Land qualifying at the 3 yard line................both of them did amazing!

March 23rd, 2013 CHL Class

way to go!

Group picture of new "Sheep Dogs"

"Shooters on the line are you ready?"

"Lock and Load with a magazine of 5 rounds"

CHL Class March 9th,2013

shooters receiving instructions from the range master (below)

34 New "Sheep Dogs", Graduates of Cross Fire CHL Instruction March 9th,2013 (some not pictured)

safety is everyones business on the range!

"ready, aim, fire!"


CHL Class February 23rd, 2013

Firing Line Reloading Classroom Instruction

CHL Class # 02232013

Congratulations to 21 new "Sheep Dogs" who completed the course

Thanks Italy, Texas Volunteer Fire Department for hosting the class!


February 9th 2013 CHL Class shooter, J.D. Oldham . Twenty new "Sheep Dogs" finished the course!


11 New Sheep Dogs !  Congratulations !