Nintendo 64 USF support

Post date: Aug 28, 2013 3:50:38 PM

After hundreds of comments and THOUSAND of mails asking me to add n64 to nesmusic/snesmusic. (Seriously I was receiving one mail a day about that)

9 month of work on my free time were needed to add support for usf/miniusf files. It was a huge work as no cross platform library exist to do that. Only "64th note" winamp plugin sources were available, basically a hack of project 64 made for window, all existing set of usf music were meant to be played with 64th note. I think I managed to reproduce 64th note behaviour. Song length is used when available otherwise 2min30 is used. A special case is made for one of my favourite song in Conker's bad fur day : The Great Mighty Poo Song : track 42 ! Voice actor was just awesome and the song last 4 minutes.

A fast device is required : at least iPhone 5 , iPod 5 or iPad 3 and even with that some music won't play because of lack of cpu speed (Mario Golf, ....). It could be optimised but Apple does not allow to run recompiled code on the fly.

If everything goes well with apple validation, the update should be available in a couple of day for Nesmusic and next week for SnesMusic and PsxMusic

PS: Banjo Tooie set of music that can be found around internet is an old version, I asked Zophar Domain to update their file. No answer for the moment... I will try to post the correct one