7Z , Zophar's Domain and SNESMusic bug

Post date: Mar 20, 2014 11:01:50 PM

Recently Zophar's domain have updated all its music library (2sf usf psf gsf ...)

All zip have been replaced with 7z archive. It should not be a problem for SnesMusic as 7z is already supported but ...

7z was only supported for a few system like SNES. All others could be imported as 7z but not played.

So after a few people noticed it and reported the problem I made an update to fix this.

7z have good compression but is veeeeeeeery long to decompress when you compare with zip. So I added a recompression step to zip when a 7z file is added in the app.

During the development of the fix I updated the 7z decompression library in order to decrease loading time when playing a file. But I forgot to clean the previous build ... So it worked on my phone during dev but when I generated the official release Xcode made a clean and rebuild all and 7z decompression was broken... I discovered this when the release have been available on the store.

Sorry guys

I'm sending a new update tonight to fix this and I hope that this release will work because I'm going for 3 weeks in Japan.=(^o^)=