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UNHCR: The United Nations' Refugee Website. Everything you ever wanted to know about refugees and their situation worldwide.
Rain in a Dry Land, a PBS/POV documentary film by Anne Makepeace
A short book offering insight into the cultural background of the Somali Bantu
The Somali Bantu profiled in-depth in the UNHCR magazine
The Burmese Karen: Who they are--a BBC report
Everything about the Karen People: An Adobe Acrobat PDF file
Background on Eritrea and human rights abuses
Democratic Republic of the Congo, UNHCR statisitics and overview
Video: Women in Congo, Weapons of War, 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper (Viewer discretion advised)
Video: Gimme Shelter a short film about Eastern Congo and UNHCR by Ben Affleck
Hodan's story (prior to being resettled in Denver, interviewed by UNHCR)
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