What is Sandplay?

Sandplay is based on the theories of Carl Jung a Psychologist whose theories demonstrate the belief that we have within us the ability and resources to become our true selves, leading to a more balanced, connected and peaceful life.

It works at a conscious and unconscious level and can often feel less pressurised as you are not required to talk if you dont want to.

This therapy is gentle but works at the deepest levels of your unconscious allowing exploration and healing of complex, deep and often historical issues and traumas.

What happens in a Sandplay Session?

The therapist will offer you the opportunity to use a Sandtray and small objects (symbols) to make a picture, story or just sculpt /move the sand.

Within the Sand play room there will be a wide selection of objects for you to use in your tray in whatever way you choose. You can use as many or as few as you want to. Water will also be available if you choose to just sculpt the sand.

I provide a free, safe and protected space for you to create whatever you wish in the sand and there is no requirement to talk as you do this.

As the therapist i am non judgemental and non directive and will not make any comments, analysis or interpretation of your tray in the sessions.

A photograph of the trays will be taken and reviewed with you after you have completed your process. This can be perhaps a year or so after completion of your process.