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The CrossRoads Community Garden is a raised bed community garden with lease plots. The annual lease includes: the raised bed, soil, and water. The garden is located at the intersection of Post Oak Tritt and Johnson Ferry Roads in east Cobb County on the property of Chestnut Ridge Christian Church.

Is there a cost and what does that include?

  • 4×4 plots – $20.00 for the year (summer and winter growing season)
  • 3×10 plots – $40.00 for the year (summer and winter growing season)

For the year, you receive a raised bed complete with soil, access to standing hose bibs with hoses and watering wands, free classes and workshops, and gardening support from Master Gardeners, sprinkled with hard work and fun.

What kind of support is there for gardeners?

The Garden has partnered with a number of local gardening organizations such as Cobb County’s Wright Nature Center (located adjacent to the church property), Master Gardeners, and Cobb County Extension for training, assistance, and demonstrations on various gardening methods and topics.

How do you apply for a garden plot?

Those interested in a garden plot will need to fill out the online application. If you don't have access to it, please email us at Every February, garden plots are assigned according to availability, depending on the number of gardeners who do not return. You will be notified via email if you have received one of the available plots. You will have a designated amount of time to accept the assignment and submit payment.