Seminars & Workshops

Due to the recent concerns regarding the pandemic current face-face consults, classes and training have are being restructured to meet the restrictions..

Crazy Canines will take expressions of interests for all seminars, workshops, classes and services that you would like to attend.

Check back soon to see what else we can offer you and your dog to get through this challenging time!

Seminars and Workshops

Want to learn with your friends?

Seminars and workshops prepared on request.

Learn about individual topics on specific canine behaviours.

Understand the science of dog training and how dogs learn everyday.

Learn about reading dog body language and the importance of understanding stress in your dog.

Group seminars prepared for foster carers, rescue groups, dog clubs and suitable for volunteers and staff.

Seminars and Workshops prepared for your local dog clubs:

  • UNDERSTANDING DOG TRAINING AND BEHAVIOUR: Seminar on understanding dog behaviour. Discuss the science behind training and positive reinforcement training techniques. Topics can be adjusted but may include reading body language, how to interpret stress signals and more.

  • REACTIVE ROVERS WORKSHOP: 2 part workshop with a hands on practical component. Auditing spots optional. Covering basic foundations, building skills and understanding to help your dog learn through reinforcement how to respond to their environment.

  • K9 NOSE WORK & Scent work demos or courses - suited to your needs and held at your club grounds if suitable.

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Contact Details

Previous workshop and seminars have been provided by Murphy and Jo for RSPCS (Vic)

Including helping and assisting at the School Holiday Programs provided by the RSPCA from 2015-2020.

Providing hands on learning and skills for school ages.

Contact the RSPCA(Vic) for any current holiday programs and availability.

Video of RSPCA (Vic) Dog Day

Jo Bates worked in conjunction with the RSPCA (Vic) Education Department to bring short courses to members of the public.

Previous programs included:

'Caring for dogs'

' Understanding Dog Behaviour and Training'

'Animal Management Officer Training Program'

Contact the RSPCA(Vic) for information on their current courses offered.