About Crazy Canines

Building respect, understanding and mindful interactions.

Promoting safety and awareness between families and their dogs.

Allowing people to enjoy their pets, develop skills and have fun together.

Meet Jo

I am committed to helping dogs and owners find new connections, gain a better understanding of each other and live in harmony without fear or distress. I am dedicated to helping families and their pets settle in their homes successfully, whether it is a new dog, or a seasoned companion. I can provide on going support or maybe you just need little extra guidance and assistance at this time.

My personal experiences allow me to relate to your busy lifestyles, the worries and pressures of your own everyday life and I will make your training programs individual, achievable and successful.

I am passionate about the sport of canine nose work and teaching dog owners with their pet dogs the pleasure of allowing their dogs to scent and build on connection using fun scent detection skills.

I have a strong interest in animal welfare and while studying and gaining accreditation with the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) I volunteered and worked with the RSPCA (Vic) Behaviour Team. I initially began working hands-on with large groups of seized 'puppy-farm' dogs that were under socialised. I worked to rehabilitate them and prepare them for adoption.

My role at the RSPCA (Vic) developed to leading the team of animal behaviourists, trainers and volunteers. Through my work with the RSPCA I have gained experience in running group classes for all ages and skill level; temperament profiling of dogs; and providing specialised consultations with private clients. My work with the RSPCA(Vic) Behaviour team focussed my knowledge, expanded my skills and experience with canine and feline behaviour.

I continue to work, foster and volunteer in conjunction with the RSPCA (Vic). Assisting with the education department for projects and programs that require specialist canine behaviour advice until 2021.

Over time I have been an active member of dog clubs; assisted with agility trials; attended seminars and conferences across Australia to improve and extend my professional development and bring the best practice up to date positive training techniques to each consultation and training session.

Crazy Canines Values

  • Crazy Canines is dedicated to helping you and your dog.

  • Providing you with an understanding of dog behaviour and mindful interactions by learning about dog body language and how to interact.

  • Dedicated to humane training looking after the welfare of your animals and teaching them new skills in a positive, fun and effective technique.

  • Focussing on helping you to interact and connect with the animals in your care in a compassionate and understanding way.

  • Allowing your dogs to learn how to make appropriate choices, learn self control and make good choices for themselves empowers the dog and allows for further advancement.

  • All training is based on using positive reinforcement techniques. Using food, toys and life rewards in everyday situations.

  • Training with Crazy Canines is about living in harmony with your dog and incorporating your dog into your lifestyle in a fun, safe and friendly setting - everyday.


  • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training (Vic Gov Accredited Course) (2010-2012)

      • Additional skills included Teaching Complex Tricks; Assistance Roles; Basic Substance Detection.

  • Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) for the NACSW.(National Association of Canine Scent Work) (2018)

Other Qualifications

  • BSC (Honours) Southampton University, UK.

  • Level 1 Grooming Certificate (Boxhill TAFE, Vic) (2013)

  • Working With Children Check (until 2021)

  • First Aid Level 2 Certificate (until 2022)

Professional Memberships