Tools for Ensemble Interfaces

The On Call Application is used with the TCP/IP Interface Monitor and World Wide TCP/IP Monitor - just set up support groups and members once and then pick from the list to set the On Call person for date ranges.  The current on call person and phone number automatically shows up in the Interface Monitor details for the correct date (see last screen below).

It is all pick-and-click once the support groups and members are set up - no additional typing.  Also, by selecting an item on support staff drop down list, the details are automatically filled in for the support staff setup fields.  Then it is easy to make a few modifications for the next addition/update. 

When scheduling date ranges, use the repeat option for situations where a person is on call every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week.  Schedule up to 99 on call instances for an individual at once.  

Other features:

1. Automatic filtering for currently selected support staff member with a show all check box to see schedules for all support staff.
2. Undelete for the last entries deleted (if a staff member is deleted, all their on call entries are deleted as well - undelete brings back the staff member and all their entries).  Only the most recently deleted entry can be undeleted.

Just put the Group name in the contact setting for the interface:

And the support person for the current date and time shows up in the interface details: