Tools for Ensemble Interfaces

Here are some YouTube videos that show how to install and use Simple HL7 Search.

How to Install Simple HL7 Search

How to Run Simple HL7 Search

How to Monitor Ensemble Interfaces

How to Search for Ensemble HL7 Messages

How to Add a New Index to Simple HL7 Search

How to Customize the Interface Monitor

How to Set Up Security

How to Resend up to 10,000 Interface Messages

How to Adjust Automatic Deletion Days for Old Ensemble HL7 Messages and Simple HL7 Search Indexes

NOTE:  Deletion is safe and simple using SQL to delete one message and one message header at a time.  If the message header doesn't exist (ACK messages in older versions of Ensemble), the message is still deleted to free up valuable disk space.  For messages having header ID's, only the Completed, Aborted, or Discarded ones are deleted.

How to Remove Thousands of HL7 Messages at Once from One or Multiple Ensemble Queues

NOTE:  If you have search criteria for Simple HL7 Search that shows queued messages on the display, then you can dequeue all of them at once, no matter how many different Ensemble queues the messages reside in.

How To Extract Ensemble HL7 Messages to Files

In this example, 425,000 HL7 messages are extracted among 30 files, with each message being added to its file name based on user name, interface source name, and interface target name.  The amount of disk space that this example takes is 371 MB for the sum of the size of these files.

How to Add Context Sensitive Support Links to the Interface Monitor

Functionality added November 2, 2011.

Considerations when Resending and Dequeuing Large Numbers of Ensemble HL7 Messages

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